Your Ultimate Guide To Party Dressing

Parties are always fun, but then there are some theme-based ones and we are always clueless as to what to wear.

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In today’s busy world, throwing and attending parties is our way to relax and unwind with our friends and family. Even weekends are enough of a reason for us to let your hair down and relax after working hard for the whole week. But then there are some of those party themes which you have never heard of and more than the excitement of having a gala time you fret about how you should actually dress up so that you don’t end up looking like a misfit or fashion illiterate. To help you out with this, here are some cool ‘how to dress-up’ suggestions for some of the most popular theme-based parties.

The Mardi-Gras Party:

Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday is all about the carnival spirit. You eat rich and fatty food and dance all day and night in the carnival. Purple, green and gold are the popular traditional colors for Mardi Gras. Choose the one that suits you from these bold carnival hues and create your own elaborate costume with capes and colorful feathers. Accentuate your look with green and gold accessories. Heels and wedges are a complete no-no.Take out your pair of gold flats or shop for them, they will save your feet from hurting. Go dramatic with What beads and masks. Put your creative self to work.

The Hawaiin Party

What first comes to your mind when you hear the word Hawaiin? Beach, breeze, flowers and mind at peace, right! That’s what dressing up for Hawaiin party is all about.

The Hula outfit works best for the Hawaiin party. You can keep it simple in your flowing floral dress. Single women traditionally wear colorful artificial or real flowers behind the right ear. If taken, wear it behind the left ear. Remember beach style is the key to follow for a hawaiin party.Be comfortable in your flip-flops.

And guys, no denim for Hawaiin please. Go for loose fitting linen shirts and shorts or comfortable pants.

The Fiesta-themed party

A fiesta party includes copious ranchera music, foods that stay on your tongue for long and meeting complete strangers and making new friends. Vibrant colors are the first thing which you should choose when dressing up for Fiesta. Choose Mexican clothes that are rich in embroidery and have festive embellishment. Bright colors and airy fabrics will set everything right for you. Mix and match your look with culture and weather. You can slip into denim shorts with a traditional white embroidered blouse. You can teem them up with sleeveless tunics to up the glamour quotient. Fringed Leather handbags and sandals can be the coolest accessories for Fiesta. You can also go for a colorful, cotton, gauze sundress and pair it with chicly adorned cowgirl boots.

The Quinceanera Party:

Quinceanera party is all about wearing formal attire. Outfits that you will wear for a wedding will also work well at Quinceanera. That means, men should wear suits, the dark one, bow ties or the conservative ties, tuxedo, white button-down shirts and leather shoes and floor-length evening gowns or cocktail dresses for women. Complete the look with high-heeled sandals and light makeup.

The Disco Party

There is no set fashion code for disco parties. It’s all about trends, style and putting your best foot forward by accentuating your best assets. The common trend that has been followed for disco night outs are sequin dresses, leather pants, crop tops, harem pants, shorts, minis or something contemporary, paired with a clutch and glamorous smokey-eye makeup. If you love to groove under the disco lights then shiney materials, sequins, must have for you.

Hope you are all set and confident to party all night!


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