You Don’t Need A Crystal Ball To Change Someone’s Mind

Changing somebody's opinion or perception is not that tough. Follow these best trips and tricks to change someone's mind!

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Everyone likes to win an argument and keep ahead in the discussion, but convincing someone to agree with your point of view is not that easy.

Convincing someone to our point of view is difficult, but not impossible. Here are the top five genius science-backed ways to change someone's mind:

You Don’t Need A Crystal Ball To  Change Someone’s Mind

It’s All About Trust:

Trust plays a big role in getting someone on your side. The more the person trusts you the easier it becomes to sway him to your side. Earn the trust with your timely actions and make him familiar with your values and how you act according to your values. If the time restricts you to do so, then try to give examples from your past where your actions were aligned with your values.

Know About The Preferences And Priorities Of Your Opponent:

When you want to change someone’s opinion to win an argument then you should take off your mind from your mighty self and concentrate on the other person’s views. This will help you to understand what actually is refraining him from agreeing to your opinion. To change an objection you first need to know what it is.

Prove Your Point Through Examples:

Prove your point by citing examples. Citing examples from will work best for you. People are usually get influenced if you give them an example of someone who is well recognized and respected and has acted or said something that is relatable to your views.

Appreciate Your Opponent:

A smart debater knows that complimenting your opponent and appreciating his views helps a lot in winning the argument. This is a psychological fact that when someone questions our beliefs and judgments he directly puts a question mark on our identity and worth and it becomes impossible for us to agree with that person at any point. Whereas, complimenting and agreeing to some of our views makes it more likely for us to change our opinion or perspective.

Speak Quickly:

A study from the University of Georgia has proved that speaking quickly without giving your opponent a chance to put his chain of thoughts together can actually be more persuasive and helpful. This aggressive approach makes us deliver our message confidently and forces the other person to hear you and change his mind.

No one likes to be involved in arguments but we can’t avoid them either. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, don’t get defensive or aggressive.

Try your hand at these effective tactics and see how you can easily change someone’s mind.


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