Workforce Certifications – A Necessity

Credentialing solutions – let’s understand what are these terms and how will they help you in managing your workforce

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If you are wondering how to keep your employees engaged and satisfied at the workplace then you would have to know that it all takes a considerable effort. Employees especially millennials are not just lured by good salary and other office perks like bonuses and PFs. They want more from their work life or rather from life itself.

Not for them is the 9 to 5 job that requires everyday presence in the office. They are tech savvy and want to use that tech knowledge in their everyday life be it home or office. This is where workforce certifications will come to your aid. Do you want to know how? Well here’s how –

1. Certification programs will keep your employees updated in their knowledge and skills.

2. It will also keep them motivated as they are adding to their skills and qualifications

3. When you offer workforce credentialing solutions to your employees, you will have reduced turn-over cost.

But before we go further into certifications and credentialing solutions let’s understand what are these terms and how will they help you in managing your workforce.

Workforce Certifications & Workforce Credentialing Solutions

Looking for credentialing solutions for your workforce can be a tough task, if you are not organized in employee management. In order to ensure that there are proper workforce credentialing solutions in place, you need to have the exact data of each employee’s learning curve.

The HR these days have moved away from the traditional practices of recruitment and hiring, and has emerged with a new term called talent management. And this is where you need to have an exact data of learning curve of each and every employee in an organization. Here’s how you can find credentialing solutions apt for your employees.

1. Feedback from employees: Time to time feedback from employees will keep you updated about your employees’ strengths, weaknesses and their will to succeed and grow in their role. Once you have that in your hand you can select the number of employees are suitable for what certifications and you can apply for the workforce certifications for them. Or even you can suggest them to

2. One-on-one conversation with employees: While feedback from your employees is important, equally important is one-on-one conversations with them. These personal meetings with employees help them in addressing their grievances, and their expectations from the management and organization as a whole. You will also get to know which employee wants to increase his/her skill set and what workforce credentialing solution will suit him/her the best.

3. Be observant of pattern: You can easily recognize by a pattern followed by employees. A learner will always be on the lookout for new skills that he can learn and add to his portfolio. Identify such employees and reward them with workforce certification so that they become an asset to your organization.

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