Will Automatic Visualisation of Data help Data Scientist, Ph.D., Researcher?

A Data Scientist, Ph.D. Scholar, Researcher need to learn a language like Python,R to Plot a Graph for a large data sets.

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Our future will all about the Data. In the Current time, we all are collecting the Data. Each and every type of Data. After some time, we have lots of data. 


 This time we have very small size data set, so we can easily use/visualize it by excel-software. it is easy to use for a layman. But if we have a Big size of data in the Future then it is hard to manage data from excel. Then, what about our Ph.D. Scholar and Researcher. 

Future Saying: They have to learn Programming Language like R and Python ...



Means, They need an Automated Software / Web App which will be helpful in Handle the Data.

That Software Help Data Scientist, Ph.D., Researcher to Visualise and Analyse the Data Set Easily. 

I'm Researching over the one year and working on the solution.

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