Why You Should Write On Vigyaa

Vigyaa is a free platform that lets you focus on writing and not worry about a thing.

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Want your content to touch a million people? You write great content, but is it reaching out to all your readers? At times, you may be writing great content, but it may not be receiving the right amount of mileage that it deserves.

Vigyaa is the free platform where your content will get the right visibility that it deserves. There is a much larger audience base waiting to read all the great content that you have to offer.

Vigyaa helps to give your content a second lease of life and help you achieve your goal of increasing your reader base. Vigyaa takes care of website uptime and speed, does not spam you, and lets you focus all your energies on writing.

Founded in 2014, Vigyaa is the free platform where you can write your story and share your experience. Here are 5 reasons why you should publish on Vigyaa:

  • It is super easy to publish your article on Vigyaa. You can create a profile or log in from your social media account. After that, just import your existing content or follow 3 easy steps to upload your article. A minimum effort will guarantee you maximum benefit.


  • Vigyaa tells you how many people clicked on your article, saw it, read it till the end and shared it as well. You also get featured on Vigyaa's homepage and earn the first spot, if your article tops our charts.
  • Vigyaa recognizes everyone who writes on the platform and rewards them with a badge of honor. The moment you write an article, Vigyaa gives you a badge. Write on Vigyaa, and earn a badge.


  • On Vigyaa, you can write about anything you want. From relationships to business to education, you can write about anything under the sun. Vigyaa does not stop you from writing whatever your heart desires. You can add an image, a video and make it look good.

You will only benefit from writing on Vigyaa. There's a whole lot of love to shower on Vigyaa. Don't wait and start writing, already!

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