Why Wikipedia Prevails Among Any Other Social Media Presence For A Business?

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Your business might already have a social media, though considering all the ways to possibly keep in touch with your target audience. Well the question is if your strategy includes Wikipedia?

Should a business have a Wikipedia presence?

Every business that considers marketing a backbone of business, will be working towards having a Wikipedia page. If your business doesn’t have a Wikipedia presence, you are not only living in the past but you have already lost the competition. Or might be there is already, a referral regarding your business, however, you are not being aware of it. In the case it might be of more negligence and harm than giving you any benefits.

When potential target markets of your service have an online search they would search for a neutral content related to your company and they might go straight for the top results that are always Wikipedia. It plays a major role in rapidly informing individuals regarding the newsworthiness, the previous background and cultural appropriateness.

When people look for the digital presence of you and your company any appropriate Wikipedia article will most probably appear in the top rank of the search. If you don’t have a strong article then it can be considered as drastic gap for your brand strategy and people might wonder if your company has a reputation or even existence.

Highlight the core values of your brand

If there is Wikipedia article regarding your brand, though you haven’t paid any attention to you need to reconsider it. There are higher chances that it’s not promoting rather undermining the reputation.

Analyze carefully for the existing article and make your way to evaluating for following things

If there is an unappealing banner at the top showing a message that there is something wrong in the article, often times there are not enough references, or it might be an advertisement. In other cases the banner will reveal some aspects that need to be improved in the article. Having a banner on the top of the article at the end will lead to the deletion of the page by the Wikipedia editor service. Though in most cases, having an article that needs improvement is still far better than having nothing.

Avoid presenting irrelevant or out-mode information

Make sure the article accurately depicts the recent status of the business, if the information is correct and as per the date or if the information is misleading.


If your article has been deleted, Or if someone has added some information that is clearly irrelevant, this is quite different from misleading and is usually done by the middle school student who are bored of their studies.

Support your content with strong references and reliable citations

The next thing you need to look for is the information in the article highly supported by credible mean. Under the citations at the bottom of the article, if there are lesser than 10 references, the article might not be considered well favored by the media coverage. Articles not having notable media reference can be taken for the deletion or may face strong criticism.

Leverage the Power of speech and use a tone that is neutral

Keep reviewing the complete tone of the article and check if the tone is promotional. As it’s not a requirement to appear as in advertising tone. A tone that is neutral is perfect and promises fairness. As a matter of fact without having it similar is trying to openly sell you something.

The perfect Wikipedia editor service provides the reader with very basic information regarding your business or enterprise in a very bland tone. In any case it should not sound like a pitch on your official website or an open advertisement of your business. A quite simple and neutral Wikipedia page makes people desire to go through your website where you have the complete authority of the content and whatever you want your customers to understand.

Once you are done with the reviewing process, and coming across the articles that are well sourced and well written, it’s undoubtedly a big support to your business. If your article lacks in any one or more of the elements of Wikipedia requirement that you need to work on it.

In a nutshell

Wikipedia is aimed to provide knowledge for free to every individual across the planet since everyone is free to make edits but still it has some strict rules that maintains the standards of Wikipedia and on the other hand make it an incredible source to connect with every single person across the world.


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