Why the Personal Capital App Combines Technology With Human Advisement

We know we tout the power of technology to all, but guess who's behind all of it: humans.

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They say if you can't program a computer to do it like a human, don't program it at all. That's an adage that has been around in technological innovation for centuries, maybe. And it still holds up today. The fact is you can't replace humans in some of the most vital jobs out there. But you can assist them with the best possible technologies.

And This Is Especially True of Personal Finance: Enter the App PERSONAL CAPITAL

You'd do well to check them out right here. And this isn't a robo-advisor do-all platform where you sit back, relax and watch the show either. Instead you're empowered to take on some ownership of what you should: your finances.

Truly financial advice when it comes to automation sit seriously on the cheap side of things. Your standard financial advisors, though, with pulses and heart rates? They're a bit more expensive.


What Personal Capital does is combine the two as a hybrid, targeting those $100K+ investors with successful algorithms proven for success but also helmed and optimized by human advisors as well to customize according to the specific individual. The fact is you can't have a black-or-white mentality. Everyone's different. And no matter how meticulous the technology, no computer or algorithm can differentiate between unique situations involving special attention.

So what are you dealing with on this online platform? Simple. You have account balances of $200K or more? You get assigned two dedicated financial advisors to help you manage this algorithmic technology at your fingertips. Others below that amount will actually have access to an entire team.

The Key to This Platform Is Flexibility and Utility

You're in charge. What you say, goes. With the help of your advisors, you leverage the technology on the platform to link existing accounts, track your spending, examine your net worth and view just how your portfolio is performing. It's the ultimate investor platform requiring that extra technical boost to optimize with accuracy, and you get all of those services for just .89% annually.

There's more to it than just the results, of course. Personal Capital is all about social responsibility. You can align your portfolios to fit any kind of environmental, social or governing value. That simply means you can focus it in your way and not the way the algorithms would suggest that's best for success. As always mentioned.... You call the shots.

Expect More Features to Come Out as Well

That will include a retirement paycheck feature and tax-optimized withdrawal strategies. You have the blueprint set up for you right on the platform. Pretty helpful from a technological standpoint, if you ask me.

We'd like to know what your thoughts are, and if you're interested, SIGN UP FOR A VIGYAA ACCOUNT AND LET'S READ WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY! Technology is at the forefront of discourse today, so don't hesitate to make your voice heard. What do you love about technology the most?

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