Why medium heavy-duty casters are best to moving heavy loads

Here in this article, you will get to know why medium heavy-duty casters are best to moving heavy loads.

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Engineers are thinking about smart ways to move heavy equipment efficiently and safely, without causing downtime. They often turn to conventional equipment they have used before, such as overhead cranes, roller equipment or forklifts. However, more and more engineers are using solid polyurethane wheels for these challenging tasks and that’s not without reason. It offers a range of advantages over other solutions. We’ll tell you more about it in this blog.

Why medium heavy-duty casters are best to moving heavy loads

Reduces human effort and minimizes risks

In the manufacturing industry where castor wheel manufacturers in the USA, ergonomics is an important cornerstone to meet safety standards for factory workers. Jobs often include high force, awkward joint positions and direct pressure which can be damaging. Especially when employees are responsible for heavy material handling or moving heavy loads. The amount of pushing or pulling forces used to move heavy loads should be reduced. Low profile heavy duty caster wheels are the most ergonomic and safe solution for transporting and moving heavy machinery and loads.

They enable one or two-person to safely move a load weighing up to thousands of kilos. And air cargo casters allow employees to move a weight of 1,000 kg with just one kg of force. For heavier loads, specially designed air caster transport systems are available for extra steering and force.

Less risk of damaging floors

Because medium heavy-duty casters transport heavy loads in a really easy manner. The loads are also distributed over a wide surface area instead of a point or line contact which results in low floor loading and less risk of damaging floors. For that reason, it’s the go-to solution for smooth and non-porous surfaces that can’t be damaged or loaded.

Moving delicate loads without vibration

Some loads are sensitive to vibration and jarring. Air cargo casters don’t transfer every bump in the floor to the load and isolate vibration. They provide a compliant suspension because the air cushions are flexible and conform to imperfections in the floor.

If you are looking for a solution for moving heavy loads and machinery in the manufacturing industry that offers high maneuverability and precision with positioning, low floor loading, safety and ease of use, then it’s recommended to consider solid rubber wheels with bearings.


The principle of air cargo caster transportation is that a thin air film is created between the air caster and the floor. To attain this, you need to have sufficient air pressure and flow available at all times. The air needs to be dry and clean. 

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