Why It’s Exciting To Work With The Big Four In Tech

Want to know about the benefits of working with the 4 top-notch technology companies in the world?

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What comes to your mind when you hear the, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook? Other than their massive turnovers and quality services; these technology giants are also well-known for providing the best perks to their employees. Let’s get to know a bit about them:


Since its inception, Facebook has taken the world by storm. Before being embroiled in a controversy, the social media platform connected millions of people around the world. Today it stands strong with 2.3 billion active users base. Within a short span of 15 years, Facebook has purchased more than 70 companies including Whatsapp. The perks that Facebook provides its employees are amazing too:

Dry cleaning services

Valet parking

On-site health and dental care

Access to an on-site barber's shop

Free meals and snacks throughout the day

$4,000 in "baby cash" for new parents — along with financial .

21 days of paid vacation for full-time employees

A wellness allowance to finance gym membership

Four months of paid time off for new mothers and fathers


Amazon, the biggest retailer in the world actually started as an e-commerce store in the mid 90’s which uses to sell books. They have come a long way since then. From being an e-commerce giant, it now focuses on artificial intelligence and cloud computing as well. Let’s have a look at the benefits of working with amazon:

Medical, prescription drug, dental and vision coverage

401(k) savings plan

Paid time-off and Holiday overtime pay

Resources to help improve your overall well-being

Discounts on Amazon purchases

Th benefits are good, but they depend on the location, the number of work hours, length of employment, and the job status.


Apple, which has a huge turnover of $1.16 trillion USD today had almost declared itself as bankrupt in 1997, till it’s co-founder Steve Jobs decided to bail it out. The perks of being an Apple employee are the following:

Apple gives amazing discounts on all Apple products and software to its employees

18 weeks paid leave for mothers, they can also opt for extra six-week unpaid leave.

Amazing commuting service for its employees

Apple pays $5,250 as the tuition fee expense of its employees

High-quality dining, employees have to pay it for it though

The employees can work from home if they wish to

The company holds amazing social events for its employees

12 to 22 days pf paid off, depending on your years of service.


Microsoft Corporationhas a market value of $1.10 trillion USD. The company now has ceded the smartphone market to Apple and the makers of Google Android devices. The perks of working for Microsoft are following:

The company provides the best health care coverage without deducting it from the pay of its employees.

It reimburses $800 per year for its employees for wellness-related expenses

Follows 401k plan for its employees

Microsoft provides Wi-Fi enabled connector coaches and shuttles to its employees

20 weeks of paid leave for mothers and 12 weeks of paid leave for new parents

4 weeks of paid leave if a family member is seriously ill.

With these amazing perks, no doubt, these 4 leading technology giants are the dream job destination for most of the aspirants.


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