“Why I am against Abortion,” by Andrew J. Schatkin

In this little essay, I email why I am opposed to abortion.

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The right of a woman to so-called reproductive freedom is the calling card of the modern woman and those who view the issue as a woman’s rights issue. The right to choose which is the freedom involved here or, better put, the right to reproductive freedom raises moral and philosophical questions.

The significant fact is whether an abortion occurs at the inception of pregnancy or at a later point and effectively constitutes a deprivation of some person’s life or the chance for a full life. The issue that I raise and consider on the subject of abortion is the value we attach to all human life, before birth, and even at the last minute of life before death. I am not prepared to devalue any person at any stage of life and cut off their life before birth. Unfettered abortion diminishes all of us, knowing it could be you or me. I am not prepared to say, however, that the issue can be forced legally, but I do say that the moral issue is eminently clear. Perhaps one might say that reproductive freedom or unfettered abortion is a guise for devaluation of a human person. The reality is that person is being cast into a garbage can. More to the point, that person is an innocent person, unlike the imposition of the death penalty in a criminal matter where that person is not innocent but a law-breaker or murderer. I have to say that I am opposed to the death penalty but I do not think they are the same.

Reproductive freedom, on the ground of human rights, is based on selfishness and personal convenience. If we allow the young born to die, why not the old, the handicapped and the mentally challenged who we may find of no use? Abortion based on someone’s rights or reproductive freedom is an alienation device. It places a cold, calculating choice of ourselves in the pace of another and it makes us engines of coldness, walking away from an innocent to complete darkness.

The church has been criticized as backward in this position. In reality, the position is extremely advanced. The church cannot and will not abandon this doctrine or position which as I state is significantly advanced, placing a value on a person from beginning to end. There are movements in our society to endorse assisted suicide. The position of the church is that God knows that person in the very last second of their lives and places significant value on any person on the last second of their life when they may repent and take up Christ. It may seem unfair that the perfect person may complain that God places an equal value at the last minute for any person. For the church, every person has the potential for eternal life. Abortion or assisted suicide are not within the church’s doctrinal position because the church takes the position that the innocent life and the life at its end are the same valuation and significance as destined for eternal life with Christ.

Abortion, if allowed free reign, makes us engines of alienation and coldness and says that we are all nothing. Let me add that the policy as expressed by the Democratic Party and its concern for immigrants is laudable. Since I place significant value on every person that is destined for eternal life in Christ and bears the image of God on them equally. But I ask Mayor DeBlasio and Gov. Cuomo to place the same value on these innocent lives that are consistently being taken. I have to note that the victims of abortion are the most vulnerable and poorest of our people, the Black and Latino community. I have to endorse concern for all but I ask the mayor and governor to reconsider their position in this respect. I would also add that the church has taken a position against contraception. This particular dogma has it origin in respect and value for all life whether in its beginning or about to be. Again, the church’s position in this respect is not backward or in the dark ages, as some people would like to believe, but is an advanced ethical position valuing all life from its inception to its end as Christ values all life.

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