Why has managed WordPress hosting become so popular?

WordPress managed hosting is gaining popularity in the recent years. There are multiple factors for this rising trend. This article digs into the details of managed WordPress hosting and answers the question whether you should opt for it or not.

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In the recent 3-4 years, a new form of web hosting called managed WordPress hosting gained currency. Managed WordPress hosting is a type of managed hosting that is WordPress focussed. As you might know, WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS), powering more than 35% of the web.

So managed hosting that provides only WordPress based hosting is called Managed WordPress hosting. As more and more website owners look to run WordPress-powered blogs, this hosting will only become more popular in the long term.

What are the benefits of managed WordPress hosting?

1. Managed WordPress hosting provides ease of use: It is effortless to set up WordPress on your site as most managed hosts offer 1-click WordPress install in their custom interface.

2. It ensures site security: For many site owners, safety is paramount and rightly so. Managed WordPress hosts like WPX Hosting, Kinsta, Flywheel, etc. provide free SSL certificates, firewalls, and malware scanning. Some like WPX Hosting also offers free malware removal.

3. Managed hosting support is superior to generic hosting: If you manage a website, you will agree that support is one of the most important metrics to test the quality of your web host. Unfortunately, generic hosting providers do not provide specialized WordPress support, and you have to look elsewhere for your hosting problems. But managed WordPress hosting providers offer dedicated WordPress support from skilled technical staff to handle most of your queries with ease.

4. Managed WordPress hosting is fast: Since the servers are optimized for WordPress sites, such type of web hosting is generally quicker than generic budget hosting. So even if you choose a shared managed hosting plan, it will be faster than comparable shared programs offered by generic web hosting companies.

5. Managed WordPress hosting is flexible: You can choose whether to host a single domain or multiple domains. You also get FTP and SSH access to make changes to your site without undue restrictions. It can also handle reasonable surges in web traffic.

6. Managed hosting provides free daily backups: Keeping a backup of your WordPress site is paramount since if your site breaks down for any reason, you could lose access to your website data as well. That’s why all managed WordPress hosting providers offer free, automated daily backups of your website.

However, you need to beware of hosting providers that offer generic web hosting under the guise of WordPress hosting. If you look closely, there’s no difference between their regular plans and WordPress hosting plans. They do not even bother to provide a custom-built interface that is unique to WordPress-focussed hosting providers. That’s why you should be wary of such hosting companies.

Once you buy one of their plans, you will realize that you can install other CMS’s as well, like Joomla or Drupal. Such type of hosting can never be called WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting takes away the pain of managing your websites. You do not have to worry about site security, backups, performance. All this is taken care of by the hosting provider for you. 

Should you opt for WordPress hosting?

Now that you are aware of the benefits of managed WordPress hosting, the question to address is whether you should opt for managed WordPress hosting or continue using generic budget hosting.

You should prefer WordPress hosting over generic web hosting if:

  1. You manage or plan to manage only WordPress websites
  2. You are concerned about the speed of your website
  3. You want to host your website in a secure environment and ensure technical help when required
  4. You want skilled and knowledgeable support that can address your queries urgently no matter how complex
  5. You don't want to pay extra for SSL, backups and site migrations

So if you are convinced about the benefits of managed WordPress hosting, do not hesitate to select the right WordPress hosting to boost your business or blog.

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