Why Depression & Procastrination Go Hand In Hand?

Depression and Procastrination are interrelated resulting from sadness and loss of interest. Read here for more information!

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Depression is nothing but a disorder, a “MOOD DISORDER” to be more precise. Where everything people do, gives them a feeling of sadness and loss of interest.

The more depressed we are we report procrastination, it is indirectly correlated with each other.

In happens mostly with us, whenever we are feeling depressed and low we are not in a mood to do anything, let that be your personal work or your official work. Knowing somewhere in the back of your mind that if you do not complete the work we will be the one who will be suffering. But then also people choose to do something else instead of the task they know they should be doing actually.

But in fact, due to depression, we cannot focus on it and we just tend to push ourselves with coffee breaks, checking social media, end up watching movies, re-reading your mails and etc.

Don’t this sound familiar to all? This is nothing but a Procrastination trap where many of us fall into very often. And it’s a cycle which starts with Depression and then Procrastination and again as a circumstance people fall for Depression eventually.

Why Depression & Procastrination Go Hand In Hand?

So initially it is very important to decrease the depression which will automatically lead towards taking people out of the procrastination trap.

Many times it happens that, people do not understand that – “are they” or “are they not” struck with depression. So here are some common symptoms of depression –

Mood Changes:

Loss of interest, Loss of pleasure in activities, Anxiety, mood swings, feeling low and sad, apathy, general discontent, feeling of guilt,

Behavioral Changes:

Agitation, Restlessness, Excessive crying and sometimes you want to cry but can’t cry, feeling irritating very quickly, Social isolation.

Sleep Disorders:

Early awakening, awakening in between at mid-night and no sleep, excessive sleepiness, insomnia, or restless sleep with continuous running thoughts in mind.

Eating Habits:

Loss of appetite, someone’s case it’s like they eat excessively when depression hits, feeling fatigued.

Cognitive effects:

Lack of concentration, Suicidal thoughts, slow down and laziness in activities, repeatedly going over thoughts, overthinking, helpless outlook on life.

Physical Changes:

Change in sudden body shape- Sudden drop in weight or weight loss, dark circles under eyes, feeling tired internally.

So these are some common symptoms of depression, which will lead you towards the worst experiences and further may cause damage physically and emotionally too.

Now, what next??

Depression and Procrastination are inter-related with each other. Depression is the root cause of procrastination and somewhere again procrastination will result in an increase of the depression an take it to level. So why not cut down the procrastination stage and avoid the depression and kill it gradually! So let’s kill the virus (Procrastination) so that the disease (Depression) will not spread!

Strictly follow the rule of “Stitch in Time, Saves Nine” –

If you know that you are the person who needs to complete this task, do it now! Do not delay or distract yourself, because in the end, you are one who will suffer by the circumstances and put yourself into trouble.

Do it Today! –

Again, many times it’s irritating, doing same work on repeat! But changing your outlook is important here. Break them down into smaller tasks that are realistic and get the best out of it with an achievable and fruitful goal. This will motivate you and eventually you will end it up doing TODAY.

Avoid Distractions –

Avoid situations that provide distractions or disrupt your thinking or productivity. I don’t suggest that don’t do what you love. Do take time for friends, family or things you love. But if you want to study or work at the same time, do schedule time and stick to it in an appropriate environment without distractions. 

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