Why Colleges Should Be Tuition-Free?

High student debt crisis is the burning issue nowadays and everyone is thinking about whether making colleges tuition fee-free is the need of the hour?

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Student’s debt crisis is a burning issue that has been used by many political candidates as the center stage issue of their political campaigns. Many preach in favor of the tuition-free college, but the issue still remains complicated and unresolved. Let’s get to know why students need a free college education and what will be the long term benefits of tuition-free colleges.

Lower-Income Students Will Be Able to Complete Their Graduation:

Most lower-income students drop out of college in between because they can’t afford to pay for tuition for all four years. Tuition fee-free colleges will help these students in completing their graduation. Students will be able to focus on their studies instead of opting for part-time stats or taking a break from college because of financial reasons.

Tuition Fee Free Colleges Will Improve The Quality Of Their Lives:

An American college student graduate has an average student loan debt of $37,000. Making college tuition fee-free will reduce their overall debt to approximately $10,000 as they will only need to spend on books and other living expenses. Releasing the students from the burden of tuition fees will open the other options for them and they will be able to spend on things like healthy food, cars, buying a house.

Students Might Choose Majors They Are Genuinely Interested In: 

Students, often opt for the more practical streams or majors instead of studying the areas that interest them or they are good at. This is because they need a lucrative income after graduation or post-graduation to pay their student debt. However, if the students are released from this load of shelling thousands of dolors on college fees, then they might feel relaxed and motivated to choose the majors that excite them and interests them. This means they will enjoy their professional life and will produce quality work instead of burning out.

More People Would Go to College

Negating the large bill of a college education will help more and more students in completing their education. An educated and skilled younger generation will become a better workforce and help in improving the economy of the country and creating a better society they live in.

Having said the above things, we should also consider the cons of tuition fee-free colleges. We might see the following side-effects:

Free colleges will lead to the increased burden of taxes on other citizens as money has to come from somewhere

Students might not take college seriously

Students won’t know how to save money and handle their finances before entering the professional. College fees and student debts prepare them well in advance for their future life.

No doubt, free education in colleges is a big decision and the government should look at all the pros and cons before reaching a conclusion. 


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