Why Airline Alliances are Great For Business Travel

The competition in the aviation is heating up as new players enters the market. Although, the already established players have a loyal customer base but new, lucrative offerings from the latest entrant might appeal to your loyal fan base and they might give it a try.

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A good experience might persuade them to fly from the same airline again and slowly your customer might be slipping from your hands. As an airline, you don’t want that. That is why most airlines are looking to form alliances with other airlines and expand their network at a global level.

As a business travel, alliances are great as it makes traveling easier. You can travel around the world with a single ticket. It can save you from a lot of hassle linked to delays and luggage. Here are some of the reasons why airline alliances are good for business travel.

1. Convenient International Booking

When you book an international flight, you might have booked with a alliance, without realizing it. It makes international booking less of a hassle. What’s more, you can build stronger connections and relations, which might help you in getting cheaper tickets and enjoy flight times.

More importantly, you don’t have to worry about booking and flying with one airline and rushing to get your bags and checking in with another airline. Airline alliances usually have the same terminal, which means that you don’t have to wander around one corner of the airport to another to catch up your next flight. Even if it is not in the same terminal, you won’t have to travel much to get their as they are located next to one another.

2. Reap the Benefits of Frequent Flyer Status

Your frequent flyer status gets recognized if your travel via any airline that is part of the alliance. What this means is that you will be able to redeem your rewards and enjoy special privileges offered to frequent flyers. You will also be able to earn miles with your frequent flyer program when you fly with the same alliance.

More importantly, you also advance your status by frequently flying the airline alliance. Let’s say you have a gold status on American Advantage that will give you a Ruby status on OneWorld. Ruby status give you access to Business class facilities. You can choose your own seat and getting priority on waiting list. As your tier moves up, so does your privileges.

3. Access to Lounge

If you are taking a long connecting flight to enjoy a dhow cruise dinner in Dubai, you can get access to lounges at the airport. Some of these lounges are equipped with all the modern facilities. You will find modern décor, variety of exotic drinks and food items as well. You can make the most of Wi-Fi connectivity and get work done when you are waiting for your next flight. The atmosphere and environment of airport lounges is relaxing and premium at the same time so you get the comfort you need while getting through your routine tasks thanks to internet connectivity.

4. Easy to Redeem Miles

Just like the frequent flyer status, you can easily collect and redeem air miles when you fly with an airline alliance. Even if you fly with different airlines in the same alliance to fly to Dubai for enjoying desert safari Dubai, your tally of air miles keeping going up and up. Similarly, you can redeem these air miles whenever you want to enjoy free flights or avail discounts on flights. Things gets a little tricky when you are trying to book an upgrade through an alliance. You won’t be able to upgrade unless it is for the airline’s own carrier.


Just like a coin, airline alliances also have its cons. For one, not all airlines in an airline alliance are equal. Business travelers will quickly realize this when they were able to book long flights with one airline while warranting a short journey with the other airline. What’s more, alliances can make it difficult for smaller airlines as it will make it difficult to compete with other airlines.

The pros outweigh the cons, as you might have realized after reading this article. For a business traveler, airline alliances are great as it delivers a lot of perks such as access to lounge, book flights conveniently, take advantage of frequent flyer status and redeem miles.

What do you think is the biggest advantage of airline alliance for business travelers? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

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