Which One Is Better Marble Or Wooden Dining Table?

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When talking about the dining table, most of the people will think about the wood dining table. But, there are not a few people who choose dining table design with a marble top. Both of them are good.

Dining table with wood selected for its durable design and the long-lasting use. And what about the dining table with a marble top? It has more value rather than the wood dining table. The dining table is the most important thing to purchase which is going to use for the pro dining room.

Whether it is a formal or irregular dining room, you need to think about wood or marble dining table. These two materials are difficult to select, and sometimes they have each pro and cons. To make your choice simple, here are some pros and cons and about marble and wood dining table.


Marble Dining Table Vs. Wood Dining Table:

Marble Tables:

Marble dining tables highlight a slab of marble that sits on top of a base. The base can be made of many various materials, including wood, marble or even another type of stone. These tables come in a kind of sizes, shapes, and colors.

Many producers may work with the customer to find the best type of edging style, which can vary from an angled, beveled end to a rounded or squared edge.

Marble tables often compared with expensive taste, so having one can make a room feel classy and formal. However, it is reasonable to put a marble table in an eat-in kitchen for a more casual feel. Marble is much durable and sturdy, but, as with many stone products, it does require regular maintenance, including regular resealing.

Spills must be cleaned up quickly, as the liquids can seep into the stone and cause damage. Heavy things can scratch the finish or even scratch the stone itself if the marble has not adequately sealed.

When buying for a marble table, make sure you check for cracks and damage to the marble both before and after its appearance in your home. If you are supposed to buy marble tables Singapore is the best place to purchase the best quality tables

Wooden Tables:

Wood is available in a plethora of various finishes, not including paint colors, which makes the possibilities endless. Tables made from wood are also extremely versatile and come in many different sizes, shapes and decor styles. Wood can be shaped, cut and even molded into different shapes and styles.

The ones that tend to age well and last a long time, giving them a good investment for a family. However, wood tables can be costly, depending on the quality and type of wood used. Wood tables can be very heavy, making them hard to move if needed.


Over time, wood tables can twist, even if properly managed. These tables should be cleaned daily with the correct products and, if required, resealed regularly to help stop damage to the finish. Marks and dents can be hard to cover, as finishes can be tight to match. That aside, wood tables can look high in both casual and formal dining rooms.

Now you can pick one of the best dining tables which suit your home that depends on your family members. The best dining table for you will be one that works for your accounts, is solidly built, fits in your space and has a style you’ll love for years.

There are some core parts you should consider when choosing a good one. You can also Pick well-designed chest of drawers Singapore at low prices which looks stunning in a bedroom. 

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