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With pristine clarity, I still remember the day I got glad news of promotion accompanied by an astonishing one. Moving! Yes, I had to report in my new office in Italy after a month. I wasn’t able to decide whether to celebrate this news with my family and friends over sushi or cry my lungs out in my cabin’s washroom.

Even the perks of promotion were not making me happy as I was not only devastated leaving my country family, friends, relatives, and colleagues but was also tensed about packing my whole life in a box and moving to a new country.

I had no idea where to start from as there was so much to pack. This is when my best friend Laura became my guardian angel and suggested me to hire service of professional cheap long distance movers in PA who are not only reputed but also in the business for a long time.

I called them up and asked them to visit my place to have a look at my stuff which they had to pack and move. Ben and ted, my moving companions were extremely friendly and put my jittery nerves at ease by relaxing me and assuring me that my stuff is in safe hands.

Before packing, they first made an inventory list so that I don’t have to worry about figuring out whether everything arrived at my new home in Italy or not.

Then they asked me what things I don’t really need and downsized the stuff for me. They help me get rid of clothes I haven’t worn in the last year, kitchen appliances like Popcorn making a machine I never touched, and books I was not going to read again.

Then they wrapped my fragile items in bubble wrap paper and also labeled that box by putting a sticker of fragile on it along with my name.

They packed my whole stuff within a week along with heavy furniture that I intended to take along. The rest we donated and sold online. They took my address of Italy, delivered, unpacked and arranged stuff there a week before my arrival. Who does that? Like seriously! Only long distance relocation services in PA that I hired. They turned my nightmare into a living dream by making moving easy for me.

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