What to Eat, See & Do in Grayton Beach, Florida

Book hotels in Grayton beach for your vacation. Enjoy the sights, grubs, and local activities.

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Grayton Beach is a tiny, charming village in Northwest, Florida. It was the first community that was established in South Walton and comes with a unique history. If you're thinking about booking one of the hotels in Grayton Beach for a holiday, here are some of what you can eat, see, and do when you come over.

The Local Sights

If you want to see the usual tropical sights, then this place won’t disappoint you. Prepare to have fun on white sandy shores and splash in the azure blue waters of the beach. If you love taking sunset photos over the water’s horizon, you’ll have a lot of chances to get many of those perfect shots here.

Enjoy the Outdoors

If you and your group want to spend some time under the sun, the beach offers the perfect place for you and your friends to play volleyball. That or just build sandcastles, or lie down on the sand, soaking up the sun, sea, and air.

Drive Your Car to the Water’s Edge

It's the only beach where you could drive up in your car and park at the water’s edge. You can watch the beautiful sunset on your window, or just leave your car there while you and your loved ones have a fun day at the beach.


Ride the Boat

You can also rent a boat and use that to go around the water a few times. It’s a fun experience and definitely one that you shouldn’t miss if you’re on a trip with friends and family. Have a lot of fun swimming around and jumping from the boat into the water.

Grab Some Breakfast

Check out the hotel menu for some breakfast fare. Some offer them free right along with your stay, so you’d best take advantage of that. Hotels like the Hibiscus Coffee & Guesthouse offer wonderful breakfast meals, and they’re often free of charge, so that makes them an excellent choice for tourists on holiday. Besides, it’s also much more convenient to enjoy your breakfast only a short walk away from the unit you’re renting.

Eat Fresh Seafood

There are plenty of places where you could catch fresh seafood in the community. Check out local favorites like the crab cake benedict. Many places serve brunch, and you can enjoy them with refreshing mimosas. Order take if you simply want to get your food and relax right back in the cottage or guesthouse you’re renting.

Relax by the Beach

If you’ve been looking to take a break for a while, though, then just sit back down and relax by the beach. If that’s too sunny or crowded for you, sit back out on the porch of your guesthouse, read a book, and doze. Spend all the time you want to get as much rest as you can.

Drink Beer

At night, you can unwind with friends over drinks. Check out local brews and pair them up with delicious seafood for some fun times you and your friends won’t soon forget. 


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