What To Do If The Printer Does Not Print

Solutions For Every Problem of Printer like :Does your office printer play tricks and don't print?

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Does your office printer play tricks and don't print? Before throwing it from the window taken by a hysterical raptus, stop, breathe deeply and try to adopt one of the following solutions: in 90% of cases they will solve your problem, for the remaining 10%, at least make sure that no one is passing at that moment in the street.

Technology sometimes seems to really have a sense of humor: when you are about to print a black and white drawing for your nephew to color, it works perfectly, but when you send a document to print to be presented 10 minutes later to a customer, here is that the device does not emit even a hiss, as if there was a blackout. Yet even in the world of technology, information technology and related devices there is always a cause and therefore a solution. Let's look at the most common cases, with relative possible resolution.

When the problem is at the source

In some cases (it is incredible but it is) the problem is at the source, that is, of the printer itself because you are neglecting an apparently futile, but in fact decisive, detail. For this: have you made sure that the printer is turned on? Is it connected to the power supply and to the computer (if it is not wireless)? Go to the front of the printer and check that there are no orange or red lights on. It could be that some of your colleagues have left a sheet stuck, that there is no paper in the drawer or, again, that the printer cartridge has run out.

If so, restore the situation, if you are organized in the office you will have spare paper and cartridges. If not, run for cover asking for a print from your office neighbor, and be sure to order a few more spare cartridges for the next time: sites that specialize in this product sell for the most famous brands, such as Samsung. , Hp, Brother, Epson cartridges at affordable prices and, not infrequently, multiple purchases have additional offers.

The printer is turned on, making copies, but not printing from a PC

The answer in most cases here is " driver ", especially six Windows uses. Check that everything is ok in Device Manager and if not try to reinstall the drivers, from the CD or from the manufacturer's website. When you open Devices and Printers check that the Status of the Printer is " Ready ", for some reason it may be paused or "offline" on your computer. Check that the printer you intend to print on is also the Default one . Check the Print Queue, if last time for example there was no card, it may be that some option has been activated which prevents the procedure. Sometimes it can be, for example, the " Use offline printer " flag which must be deactivated in order to print or a " Continue printing " must be requested .

If the printer is on the network

If the machine is a network printer, check the local IP address that has been assigned to it. If the IP of the printer is not compatible with that of the router, the printer will not work. An IP address must therefore be attributed to the printer which is not attributed to any other device connected to the local network and included in the range provided by the server. As a rule, the router automatically assigns IP addresses to the different clients, so if there have been changes, you can simply reconfigure the router to restore the situation from scratch. If your problem of printer is still not resolved the visit technical repair services centre for Printer Repair Dubai.

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