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Want to know about your political ideology, try your hands at this best political ideology test and know by yourself

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Some may like it while others may hate it, but we can’t deny the fact that politics rules our lives, whether we love it or not! Let’s discuss Political ideology in this article and get to know what is your political ideology. All you need to do is to take this “What is your Political Ideology” test and answer these simple questions.

Political ideology is your personal set of views about politics and political affairs. Being a citizen of a country or living in a society we cannot remain untouched or unbiased about politics. Basically, political ideology has been divided into 5 broad categories. If you are curious to know about your political ideology, then take this political ideology test. Let’s get started.

Political Ideology Test

Questions and Answers

Q1. What do you believe should be the primary purpose of government?

To act according to the will of the people.

To protect citizen’s freedoms and work for improving their quality of life.

To take care of the poor and needy and put regular efforts to maintain social equality.

To maintain security, sovereignty, and cultural and national identity of the country.

To keep every element of society under control and make sure that it benefits everyone.

There is no need for government. People are mature and capable of taking care of themselves.

Q2. How much money should the government transfer from rich to poor?

The government should have complete control of the money supply and should distribute it according to the individual’s contribution to society.

The government should put high taxes on the rich so that the money can be given to the poor.

The rich should be taxed and the money should be used to benefit everyone.

The government should not transfer the money from the rich to the poor as it makes the poor lazy and weak.

The economy should not be under the government’s control.

People should have full control of the economy.


Q3.What do you think about the civil service and public cooperation?

The civil service is needless as it is incompetent. Every service that we pay for should be privatized.

All services should be handed over to the private sector as the public sector is inefficient.

Public co-operations are very important and they play a crucial role in certain key industries.

There should be a majority of Government-run organizations as they are the best.

Q4.Whether or not should your country opt for the membership of an organization such as the European Union?

Yes: This is necessary for overall prosperity.

No: Such associations should be limited to trade relations only, therefore we should look for associations such as EFTA.

No: We should prioritize our National identity and should not open our borders to anyone at any cost.

The government should take such decisions on the basis of the public referendum.


Q5. Should the persecution of a minority be allowed?

No: We should keep the human rights above everything else.

If the people vote for it then it must be exercised.

The minorities can be persecuted but not on the basis of people’s votes.

No, because common people are not sensible enough to take such a decision.

It should be if it is not on a very large scale.

Q6. Should gay marriages be allowed in the country?

Yes, it should be legal and the government should form an adoption policy for such couples on the basis of their sexual orientation.

No, this is an absurd concept and should not be legalized.

Gays are not good for society and such legalization will disturb the normalcy of a functional society.

Marriage is a personal matter and the government holds no right to regulate either marriage or adoption.


Q7. What is your stand on abortion?

Abortion should be avoided.

It is a personal choice.

No idea

Q8.Should there be a death penalty?

Yes, It is necessary for serious criminals.

Yes, for anti-national activities and anti-social elements.

Yes, but only for very serious crimes.

No, no-one has the right to take anyone’s life.


Q9. Who should be the decision-maker in a courtroom?

A jury or a public vote.

A highly qualified and experienced judge who has an in-depth knowledge of the law and human rights.

It should be none other than the government.

Q10. What should be done with the serial and robbers who don’t change even after being repeatedly arrested and rehabilitated?

Nothing less than a death penalty for such criminals.

Forced labor to make them work to benefit society.

C. Should be declared as outlaws to keep them away from robbing and committing crimes again.

D. Release them - the government should think about human rights.

Check your answers and see how you have performed in this Political ideology test.

Political ideolgy

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