What is Green Hydrogen? And Why is it Important for Business?

Franc Pierre Etienne recently stated that "2020 - 2030 will be for hydrogen what the 1990s were for solar and wind."

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With so many countries and states aiming to be 100% powered by renewable energy in the coming decades, a recurring problem seems to be the inability to rely solely on solar and wind.

Green Hydrogen has the potential to solve this issue, but thus far hydrogen transportation and storage costs that have prevented the hydrogen economy from booming.


However, several companies, including my company Trolysis, have been focused on solving problems facing renewable energy adoption on a wide scale. In the case of Trolysis, it is a scalable platform that can be adapted to a variety of applications and produce cheap, clean energy in a matter of seconds. 

This is a major advantage over technologies like solar or hydro, which are rather sporadic and may not produce at the most convenient times or for the cheapest cost.  

Green hydrogen tackles problems ranging from hastening the adoption of electric vehicles by reducing the need for charging stations, to keeping soldiers powered up in the field, to making grids smarter, more reliable, and carbon neutral.

Trolysis is known for developing a system to harness aluminum as fuel to create electricity at a drastically cheaper cost than current methods, however many have been anticipating the implementation of the technology in a consumer system which can be attached to homes for individual-scale energy production.

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