What Is Cladding? What Are The Various Types Of Cladding?

The cladding is a material used for exterior layering on the structures.

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The cladding is a material used for exterior layering on the structures. Different types of wall claddings are available in the market from acp cladding design companies.

Types of Cladding Materials

Stone Cladding

Stone cladding is a thin layer that is applied or stuck on the walls which gives an elegant look. It can be used for both interiors and exterior walls. Stone claddings are materials that look like a stone and is made if lightweight substrates to reduce the cost of material for construction. They are extremely easy to install and may be applied to steel and concrete buildings. Stone claddings prove to be an excellent insulating layer that blocks the heat which in turn reduces the carbon footprint of the building.

Wood Cladding

The wooden cladding is produced by using a variety of wood material or species and arrives in different styles. They work well for interior and exterior walls and provide good protection from the natural elements.

The exterior cladding is placed individually; that is, each piece is set separately and protects the structure while also giving an enhanced facade to it. These type of claddings are extremely energy saving and efficient due to its insulating properties.

The establishment costs less and also takes less time to install hence being one of the easiest and reasonable types of cladding. However, over time, wood claddings may require regular maintenance due to the environmental effects on it. One of the latest used cladding is Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) which works as an alternative or replacement to the natural wood.


Tile Cladding

Tile claddings is a recent addition to the family of claddings and are incredibly versatile. They, again, can be useful for both interior and exterior wall claddings. People mainly use it for decorative purposes at homes, restaurants, cafes, and other places.

They give a smooth finish or touch to regular walls and immediately improves the look of the structure. They are very advantageous and cost-efficient as they long laster than most claddings as well as require comparatively less maintenance.

UPVC Cladding

uPVC cladding help add a dimension to the structure or building and requires minimum to no maintenance whatsoever. Additionally, these wall claddings are not prone to any damage due to weather elements. As a result, not much time is required in painting the exteriors as uPVC is available in various colors and styles.

Glass Cladding

Glass cladding is one of the most used claddings for exteriors and are available in various types. They include laminated, tinted, transparent, curved, tempered, enameled, and others. They give a very modern and contemporary look to a structure and are eye-pleasing. The shape, design, size, and composition of the materials used can be customized as per the requirements.


Aluminum And ACP Cladding

Aluminum Composite Panel - ACP cladding design is often used on the exterior part of the structure as they are very durable and rigid despite being lightweight. As aluminum is weather and UV resistant, they come with a variety of customization options.

The options include prints, colors, patterns, and shading. They are versatile at the same time thick and can be placed as canopies, fascias, partitions, as well as false ceilings. On the other hand, the aluminum cladding is one of the most popular options for claddings.

They are both recyclable and require minimum maintenance. These claddings are galvanized, powder coated or anodized to protect them. There are many aluminum composite panel manufacture companies that provide as per the requirements.

Ceramic Cladding

Ceramic cladding are the oldest type of claddings that are lightweight and require minimum maintenance. They are versatile and are available in various shapes and sizes.

Porcelain Cladding

Porcelain is widely used for an external purpose as they are abrasion and scratch resistant. They are more robust than steel or granite and are very durable. 

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