What Does Aura Mean?

Heard a lot about it but still not clear about what does Aura mean and what is the significance of its layers and colors? This article will help you.

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We often hear about Aura, its layers and colors. But, what does Aura mean? An Aura can be defined as an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds every living and non-living thing. For those who question the logic and authenticity of this concept should know that many scientific pieces of research have proved that everything living or dead that exists in this world radiates a certain kind of energy.

Have you ever noticed how we get a relaxed vibe in someone’s company while others make us feel anxious and restless when they are around us without even saying a word? This is because of Aura, the energy which informs us about one's attitude and personality.

Now that we know what does Aura Mean, let’s dwell a bit deeper and learn more about the spiritual and emotional importance of an Aura. This will not only introduce us to ourselves but will also give an insight into our interpersonal relationships.


What Are The Seven Layers Of Aura

There are seven layers of Aura and every layer has its own significance. Also known as subtle bodies, these layers are related to the seven chakras in our body.

The Etheric layer: This is the first layer of Aura and is also known as the physical aura plane because it is nearest to the physical body. The etheric layer is associated with physical health and feelings of pain and pleasure.

The Emotional layer: Also known as the astral aura plane the emotional layer comes after the etheric layer. This layer draws out up to three inches away from the physical body.

The mental layer: This layer sits at a distance of three to eight inches from our physical body. It speaks about our ego, moral values, and our beliefs.

The astral body or the love layer: This layer comes right in the middle of all the other layers and is correlated with Anahat or heart chakra. It is believed that this layer acts as a bridge between the three lower auric planes to the three higher ones.

The manifestation layer: Also known as the etheric double layer or the spiritual aura plane this layer speaks about spiritual health and sets up the connection between us and the wider universe.

The celestial plane: The sixth layer is related to our power of intuition and is connected to our third eye.

The ketheric template: This "I Am" layer is our potential connection with the Almighty. It extends approximately three feet away from our physical body.


How Our Aura Color Is Related To Our Overall Health

Our aura never always emits a single color and light. It always radiates a mix of the aura colors. These shades can tell a lot about our current state of heart, mind, and body. The brightness of our aura colors is the indicator of what’s going in our life. For example, if someone is dealing with depression he will have a dull aura, those indulged in substance abuse will have a dark and dull aura while healthy, confident, and positive, people have bright, light auras. 

There are seven colors of the aura, red, blue, yellow, orange, green, purple and white.  The main characteristic feature of every aura color is given below.

Red Aura: Adventurous and willing

Blue aura: Calm and self-reflective

Green Aura: Loving, giving and generous

Orange Aura:  Social, outgoing and people-oriented

Yellow Aura: Hardworking, intelligent and independent

Purple Aura: Spiritual, wise and evolved

White Aura: Pure, balanced and divine

Does Our Aura Remain The Same For The Rest Of our Life

Our Aura never remains constant and it keeps on changing with the turn of circumstances and our mental and physical health. It will reflect your current situation. Your aura will turn dull and dark if you are going through some difficult times. But it will change once that phase is over. That simply means that you don’t remain in a rut for your whole life. Your aura automatically changes once things start getting better for you. It transforms with the transformation of your emotional and physical health. This implies that aura is always alive, that grows and goes through changes and acts as a bridge between your body and the vast universe.


What Is Cleansing Of Aura

People who want to know what does aura mean are also curious about aura cleansing. A better knowledge of auras makes you aware of the power of auras. When you know what kind of thoughts, feelings, and actions can pollute your aura and what actions can strengthen it, cleansing of aura becomes easier for you.

Meditation is the simplest way to see and clean your aura. Close your eyes and sit in a meditative pose. Visualize a white light emitting from your body. Imagine the flow of this white light from head to toe and through your whole body system. Focus on this white energy flow and imagine a bright light piercing through the dullness and darkness in your aura and cleansing it. Feel how this whole process is making you healthy and happy.

Knowing what does an aura mean, and what is the significance of its colors, layers and how we can strengthen our aura with good deeds and positive thinking can help you in leading content and happy life.

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