What Are The Treatments For Knee Pain? Easy Tips and Home Remedies

The debilitating pain in the most important joint of the body can either last for unusual hours or at times for days altogether.

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2Q==Whether it is a momentary twitch in the muscle, a sudden resurfacing of an experienced injury or that post-workout pain - knee pain can begin your life to a halt, quite accurately. The debilitating pain in the most important joint of the body can either last for unusual hours or at times for days altogether.

In such a condition, it becomes important to figure out the underlying cause behind the excruciating pain. Coming to the purposes of knee pain, there could be many reasons for you going week in your knees and feeling that intolerable pain.

Pain has numerous categories; you could have mild pain through days and abruptly wake up one morning to find it gone. According to authorities, in most cases, knee pain could be painful aftermath of physical exertion.

Those intense workouts, an exciting football match or for that matter, the general age-related impairment and tear of muscles, bone-density, and tissues - everything these may trigger that hard-to-bear knee injury.

The Remedies

Your knee injury could be an outcome of a damaged muscle, ligament or crumbled bones. Just in case the pain continues for more than three-four days, or gets worse, it is significantly important to seek professional guidance. In the case of insignificant injuries, you can try managing them in the comfort of your home without popping pills.

Here Are Few Easy Home Treatments For Knee Pain

The Cold Treatment: In case of any injury (sports or trauma), experts recommend cold compresses for the first 48 hours at limited thrice a day. Applying ice to the damaged state will support reduce the swelling.

The Heat Effect: In case it is an ancient injury that seems to have resurfaced or any muscle pain (due to exertion) you can try applying warm sesame oil or mustard oil with a pinch of turmeric onto the joint.


Natural Painkillers: Some of the most popular ingredients stacked in every kitchen cabinets have magical properties to cure numerous ailments with most of them being competent in driving chronic body aches away. For best knee treatment opt calcium tablets India.

- Consuming seeds, rich in calcium can aid. These will combine flaxseeds, walnuts, and sesame seeds. Amla is also great for your joints and bone health.

- You can also consume giloy. Filesystems can be chewed as is or powdered and combined with lukewarm water. You also get giloy tablets in the market.

- Turmeric is antiseptic and has restorative properties. When teamed with warm milk, it acts on managing joint pains as well as techniques the healing process.

Many people undergo knee pain during winters, for them, methi (fenugreek seeds) can be absorbed overnight and consumed to relieve pain.

- Ginger possesses anti-inflammatory properties; hence the topical employment of ginger oil as well as taking ginger tea regularly can also help. You can also have ginger onward with milk for useful results.

- Tulsi or holy basil is recognized as an anti-rheumatic (joint pains) and antispasmodic (muscle spasms) agent. It can be utilized externally to treat joint-related ailments. Tulsi also works in reducing joint pain and pain associated with arthritis.

Apart from these, there are further a few more points that must be held in mind if one is experiencing knee pain. Retaining your leg elevated and providing rest to your body is extremely important. Any action that would result in exerting the joint or the connected muscles should be avoided.

You can attempt physiotherapy and professional exercises that can determine beneficial in tackling the pain. And for the future, make sure you hold the following in mind to keep your bones and muscles healthy and to avoid the discomfort from resurfacing. Along with calcium tablets, you can also opt probiotic capsules India.

- Wear proper shoes

- Avoid wearing heels for long

- Do not entertain in an intense physical activity all of a sudden

- Keep active, say no to a settled lifestyle

- Keep a check on weight. Obesity settles extra stress on your bones and joints

- Check your posture (while at work, meeting or driving)

- Do not sit for long hours, take little breaks. Stretch, walk, climb stairs.

- Be vigilant while lifting weights

- Eat calcium and Vitamin D rich foods

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