What Are the Disadvantages of Using Nipple Shield at the Breastfeeding Stage?

Breastfeeding is the stage that has to be done with responsibility and every mother does this with utmost care. However, if you are using a shield for your nipples then you must know there are some sheer disadvantages of using nipple shield.

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If you know the usage of the shield properly then you will be able to build a good relationship with breastfeeding. On the other hand, the disadvantages are also real, and if you know the pitfalls from before then you will definitely want to avoid it. As you know all the natural things are important and they are beneficiary too, so when you are using something artificial like nipple shield, it might have some side effects to it. Here we have covered the same matter for your convenience.

The disadvantages

There are so many good reasons for that the nurses do not recommend the use of a nipple shield. This is very important to know if you are a new parent. If you are in no need of using one then using the same can raise some issues. Even if you think you can use it under the guidance of your healthcare person, nipple shield disadvantages are there.

• In so many cases the milk extracting gets less effective by the use of the shield. It might take some time, for the baby to suck the liquid.

• If your baby is not been able to extract all the milk from the breast then by the use of the shield there might be some issues of engorged breasts and clogged ducts. You might get an infection in that area as well.

• If you think you are perfectly capable of choosing a nipple shield by yourself, you are mistaken. Choosing the same by yourself might get you into trouble such as the size thing. Also, when you are applying the thing, with the scarcity of proper technique you will face so many issues. So it’s better to take advice from a lactation consultant and you will be able to get the right fit.

• You also need to know when to put down the shield and let your baby have the milk in a proper way. A lactation consultant will definitely help you in this case.

The stopping plan

If you stop wearing the nipple shields it will save you from so many potential risks. It will always be an easier and safe way to breastfeed your baby. You won’t have to go through the task of cleaning the nipple shield, and you will feel your breastfeeding task done in a natural way.

You can always follow these following strategies-

• Try the nipple shield for one side first. This way your baby will learn the best way to cope with their hunger. You can always try the other nipple shield free.

• Try not to use the shield after one session. It will give you relaxation, and you will not feel the danger of using nipple shields.

Take care of all of these things mentioned above, and you will understand the disadvantages of nipple shields. Also, you will get to know about the right usage of it.


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