What Are The Chemical Reactions And Specifications Of Overall Sodium ethoxide?

A Sodium ethoxide is also well known as a Sodium ethylate, and it is one of the type of non - noxious, alkoxide salt which can be developed in both particles form as completely as in solution with ethanol.

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A Sodium ethoxide is also well known as a Sodium ethylate, and it is one of the type of non - noxious, alkoxide salt which can be developed in both particles form as completely as in solution with ethanol.


The chemical equation for Sodium ethoxide is recognised as C2H5ONA.

Here is a short glimpse at the concentration of ions in Sodium Ethoxide. Sodium ethoxide ( the formula is C2H5ONa), it is very well-identified as the shot and stick representation of the development of ethoxide (C2H5ONa) anion while alone in the right is that of sodium cation.

The chemical solution of Sodium ethoxide ( formula C2H5ONa) Production Method.

Whole the formation of Sodium ethoxide (C2H5ONa)can be obtained by chemically creating sodium hydroxide (NaOH) or called as sodium element with an ethyl alcohol.


Here is a short glimpse chemical reaction: 2C2H5OH (Ethanol) + 2Na (sodium) ---- 2C2H5ONa (Sodium ethoxide) + H2 (Hydrogen)

A deep reaction between sodium hydroxide(NaOH) and anhydrous ethanol (C2H5OH) gives us Sodium ethoxide (C2H5ONa) combined with water(H2O). We can then remove the water by utilizing a drying agent, and it will leave us with Sodium ethoxide (C2H5ONa) becoming greater purity.




Chemical Reaction:

(Ethanol) C2H5OH + NaOH ⇌ C2H5ONa + H2O

The firm of sodium (Na) or powdered kind of Sodium ethoxide is in golden or pale yellow in colour.

Few Industrial Chemical Suppliers have Sodium ethoxide( formula is C2H5ONa) in Ethanol.

When sodium is attached to ethanol(C2H5OH), the chemical resistance generates hydrogen gas which creates bubbles and leaves a sodium ethoxide ( formula is C2H5ONa) solution. Sodium ethoxide ( formula is C2H5ONa) is a form of an alkoxide. The selection of sodium ethoxide ( the formula is C2H5ONa) in ethanol is neutral. Sodium ethoxide ( the formula is C2H5ONa), when correlated with the water, counters to form ethyl alcohol C2H5OH or ethanol.

Sodium ethoxide (formula C2H5ONa) Boiling Point

The overall boiling point of Sodium ethoxide C2H5ONa is at temperature of 91 degree Celsius.

Sodium ethoxide (C2H5ONa) MSDS

Sodium ethoxide formula (C2H5ONa) is dangerous to human well-being if it gets in communication with the skin surface and eyes. The appearance of the skin to this substance can provide an addition to blisters and inflammations. The chemical mixture , on fighting with the eyes, may also designate to darkness. Breathing or ingesting this chemical mixture might result in severe health difficulties like below.

Elimination of the mucous films

Infection of respiratory and gastro - internal stretches

Choking(is also known as foreign body airway obstruction)


Lung damage

In difficult situations, it may also designate to death.

In fact there is a communication of this compound with the material body; adequate attention should be taken to withdraw any severe health troubles. If the human eye nerves get in connection with a chemical reaction called sodium ethoxide (C2H5ONa), the eyes should be washed vigorously with fresh water for numerous times, and a doctor is to be consulted just to be on the secure side.

The identical continues true for any skin surface contact. Skin medications or skin ointments should be completed to alleviate the skin cover from chemical injuries and infections.

Inhaling this artificial fumes strength create critical breathing difficulties. The victim, in this example, should be directly taken to a region of recent air and tight garments if any, should be released. Artificial inhalation and oxygen might be needed for getting behind to natural breathing.

Sodium ethoxide(formula C2H5ONa) is constant chemical structure. Nevertheless, it is remarkably sensitive and it is considered as a strong if it appears in connection with acids, water or condensation, chlorinated solutions, air, dust and electricity.

Sodium ethoxide (formula C2H5ONa) is extremely combustible. It is known as a hygroscopic chemical composition, which suggests that it is delicate to air, condensation or radiation.

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