What Are Breast Pads And Why You Should Always Have Them In Handy.

If you are a mother who has very recently given birth, then you know that breast feeding your baby is of utmost importance.

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Breast milk not only nourishes the new born baby, it also contains a lot of other things like antibodies that help the newly born baby to survive in the world and to have good development. New born babies are strictly put on only breast milk for a week few before they are able to eat other forms of liquids. Lots of new born mothers do not have the proper knowledge about how to breast feed the baby. This is where mid wives or nurses in hospitals help out in. nurses also recommend breast feeding women to use something that is known as breast pads.

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Lanolin breast pads are one of the leading brands of breast pads that are available in the market. The function of a breast pad is simple. It helps prevent leakage of milk when you are not breast feeding your baby. Leaking nipples is a very common thing for women, especially during pregnancy and after giving birth to a baby. No one knows when your nipple may start leaking and cause a mess. This is particularly embarrassing if you are going outside the house. No one wants to see a shirt stained by leaky nipples, though it may be rude to comment on it. It will still get frowny looks. The bets way to avoid these kinds of mishaps is to use Lansinoh disposable nursing pads 100 count.

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Breast pads come in two different varieties to offer more flexibility to the user depending on their usage. Breast pads are available in a disposable style and also in a rewash able style. The disposable style as the name suggests is a single use breast pad. This is more convenient especially if you are a frequent traveler. All you have to do is remove them once they are used and dispose of them safely. Now, if you are going out, it is recommended that you carry some extra disposable breast pads so that you are not struck in a situation where you cannot change them when they need to be changed. Re washable breast pads on the other hand can be used multiple times before they wear out. This is more ideal if you are usually at home or indoors. All you have to do is put the breast pad into the wash, give it a good cleaning, dry it properly and use them again. Now, this may not be convenient if you are not at home and have to have a change of pads outside. Carrying the used pad back home to re wash may be a little hard. Again, the choice is yours. You can choose the one that you think best serves your needs.

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There are other various types of breast pads that are available in the market. A silicone breast pad is another one of these. Th silicon breast pad does not absorb the excess breast milk, but what it essentially does is apply some amount of pressure on the breast so that it does not leak. This may seem useful while performing activities like swimming. Hydrogel pads are also available, these are essentially cooled pads, like how a cold compress is cooled. They are particularly useful in helping relieve sore nipples or bruised nipples. Some people also try to make breast pads by themselves by cutting sanitary napkins. But these are not effective and might irritate your nipples.

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Lansinoh nursing pads and Lansinoh milk storage bag 100 ct are very safe and easy to use. All that you have to do is cut open the packet carefully without damaging the pad. Then, you remove the adhesive backing on the breast pad and stick it on the inner side of your bra. Be sure that the breast pad is exactly in between your nipple and your bra. This will ensure the most absorption. Now this can be a little tricky for first time users, but after a day or two, you will get the hang of it. Some breast pads do not have an adhesive back and you may feel them slipping. This is completely normal, all you have to do is slightly nudge it back into place. Once you feel that the pads have done their job, all you have to do is to gently pull the pads form one side from your bra and they will come out cleanly. Dispose of them safely. Re washable breast pads usually don’t have an adhesive back because they have to be washed, so all you have to do with these is to wash them with a mild detergent. Be sure that you rinse the pads thoroughly as any excess soap might irritate the sensitive lining on your nipples. 

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