Website Design Blunders You Need to Stay Away From!

The design of your website can either make or break the business that you are proposing to users.

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There are various factors that lead to successful online presence. Your website design is the very important and basic thing that you need to check. The design of your website can either make or break the business that you are proposing to users. Conversion rate can improve only if the website interface is impressive and engaging. This in turn leads to better business and revenue. This article will help you detect and correct some common mistakes made while designing a website

Incorrect Font Style and Color theme

Inappropriate use of size, color theme, style can make your website design lose its value. Follow these simple rules

Don’t use too many fonts

Avoid using colors that are either too bright or too dull.

It is very important to check websites readability. So, select your font style considering all the factors.

Unplanned Navigation

An easy to navigate website with readily available information is considered to be a good website. If your website lacks on the usability front and has poorly planned navigation then your website is not rightly designed.

Irrelevant Information

You must have experienced many times that once you find irrelevant information on some site, you immediately lose your interest and exit. This is exactly what you should avoid. Every Information that you provide should be to the point and Should not be just any random irrelevant information.

Trouble with Broken Links

Broken or dead links are some big problems that can impact website functionality negatively. This will also visibly reduce your search engine ranking. Therefore, problem with broken links or dead links must be corrected. You can use tools like deadlinkchecker to identify any broken link on your website.

Incomplete Contact Details

Potential users not able to contact you and going for some other option is the last thing you want. So, it is important to mention contact information clearly on your website. Not mentioning proper contact details will lead to loss of customers trust and interest.

Using incorrect or copied images

Many people use common or copied images to save time and efforts. This activity can become a reason of failure on design front. Images enhance the overall website and attracts the audience. If you are willing to invest your too much on images, consider looking for free graphic designing tool. Canva is one best free designing tool used widely.

Keyword Stuffing

“Too much of anything is bad” and keyword stuffing is surely works the same. Sometimes people overstuff the content with keywords to improve online ranking. It creates a negative impression and appear meaningless sometimes. It is necessary to optimize and not exaggerate use of keywords.

Website designing is necessary for having a good online presence. Make sure all the above mistakes are not done by you. I hope this article was useful for all the readers. In case of any doubt, do let us know through the comment section below. Thankyou 

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