Vietnam Forestry 24-hour health portal

Vietnam Forestry is a 24h health portal that provides background and in-depth health knowledge, especially spinal degeneration and disc herniation.

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Vietnam Forestry - 24h health portal

Born in 2004, Vietnam Forestry started out as a forestry support program of 19 international partners for Vietnam. Over the past 15 years, we are constantly developing for a goal of helping the Vietnamese people have a better life. Therefore, in early 2019, the Vietnam Forestry Development Project was launched as a 24-hour Health Portal providing basic and in-depth knowledge about health, especially spinal degeneration and herniated disc. . To help people have a clear awareness of the dangers of this disease.

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At the 2nd session of the Xth National Assembly in 1997 of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam passed the Resolution on "5 million hectares of afforestation project" - referred to as the 5 million hectares Program, 1998 -2020.

In 1998, the Prime Minister approved Decree 661 on the implementation and financing of the 5 Million Hectare Reforestation Project. At the Consultative Group Meeting held in Paris, in December 1998, the donor community and the Government of Vietnam reached a consensus to establish a support partner for the 5 million hectares Program.

In 1999, the Government of Vietnam and 15 international partners signed a Memorandum of Agreement to support the 5 million ha Program. After 2 years of signing and implementing the 5 million hectares Program Partner activities, a wider Forest Sector Support Program and Partnership have been established. In November 2001, the Government of Vietnam and 19 international partners (now 22 partners) signed the Agreement on Forest Sector Support Program and Partnership (FSSP & P). The Forest Sector Support Program (FSSP) will support the implementation of the forestry sector development strategy until 2010, including the 5 million ha Program.


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