Unexpected Promotional Huawei Video Goes Viral

But believe it or not, Huawei isn't very happy about it!

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The current controversy going on with Huawei certainly isn't doing the company any favors, although the innovations and progress speak for itself. Let's just say Huawei isn't suffering much except for the negative publicity occurring overseas in the United States. But this? A children's viral video about Huawei, while looking cute, isn't doing the company many favors.

What's so Bad About the Promotional Huawei Video, You Say? Check It Out Yourself.

Exploitation. That's the keyword here. Although some might disagree with it. Long story short, this is simply a music video with kids hailing the embattled tech company Huawei as a force to be reckoned with, which in all honesty, again, the company's doing reasonably well.

As it stands, several governments have completely banned the company due to its ties with Beijing. And noticeably Huawei itself has maintained distance, never endorsing the video at all. The issue arises given the constant issue coming from Washington about the allegations and allies related to Chinese espionage. Of course, authorities at Huawei say otherwise, denying any involvement.

Yet.... Any publicity is good publicity, perhaps?


The Biggest Problem With the Video Is How Overly-Nationalist It May Seem

General criticisms revolve around that sentiment. It's as if a bunch of cheerleaders decided to make a video in homage of Bill Gates. Tasteless? Perhaps. What do you think? SIGN UP FOR A VIGYAA ACCOUNT AND GIVE US YOUR THOUGHTS on TECHNOLOGY NEWS!

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