Understanding the increased demand or organic products

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Demand for organic sesame seeds is gradually growing in countries like the United States, forcing farmers to rethink strategies of dependent growth to cater to the ever increasing streams of supply. Whereas this sudden increase in the demand for has provided an alternate source of income for the farmers, producers have been faced with the dilemma of sustaining growth without the usage of artificial growth catalysts to ensure the product they are growing is completely natural and devoid of agents such as yield enhancers and pesticides. Not only dies this initiative significantly decrease the optimal yield due to the product being vulnerable to insects, decay, disease and weed, it also significantly raises the price per grain which in turn reflects when the consumer goes out to buy the product especially in the case of organic seeds.

Initiatives to help producers to boost the sector

For the reasons that have been discussed previously and assist the organic sesame seed producers so they can contribute to the economy in a more positive way, United States Department of agriculture has pledged 1 million dollars in investment and attained the services of professionals of the field with significant experience in battling pests in agricultural products to make them more profitable for both the farmers and the consumers in a bid to make the quality and quantity of organic seeds more attainable. This investment will also set up a center of research and excellence where methods and strategies to improve quality assurance among other things can be assessed to

How Pakistan’s agriculture sector can return to its former glory

Pakistan’s economy can also be described as an agricultural economy, facets of which enable the country to exports its produce to countries worldwide. Whereas the current economic predicament of the country has had its fair share of ups and downs due to which the imports far exceeded the exports in turn resulting in the closing of agricultural businesses and industries, the situation has somewhat improved due to political and social reforms resulting in agricultural industries returning to their former glory. One of the most vital catalysts of this agricultural industry is the organic sesame seed producers actively contributing to Pakistan’s economy.

Moment of renaissance

Businesses soon realized that the local markets were anxiously waiting for someone who would innovate by bringing organic produce at affordable rates at the market’s disposal. Whilst addressing this niche that had existed for quite some time, the companies would increase its turnover and gross profit margins dramatically by strategically placing its products where they would gather the most consumer attention. To make this possible, AKC commodities limited works in conjunctions with its affiliate suppliers and producers to constantly improve their product so it remains relevant and up to date. This would help propel the industry in the right direction with a major inevitable influx of opportunities of growth expected.


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