Types of Logos and Why You Should Know Them!

Every marketer and business owner knows well how logos impact a business’s growth and identity. Selecting the right logo design takes a lot of insight of both market and design industry. But as they say, knowledge is power.

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It really is when it comes to designing a logo. To have an idea about which design will work for your business, you must understand what a design must have to be effective.

A good logo is the one that is good at communicating the business values, is attractive and engaging, and visually appealing as well. Logos are the cover page of your brand’s book as all marketing platforms from printing and television, to digital marketing require a company to represent themselves with logos to have distinctive identity in the sea of competitors.

Whether you are a brand manager, a business owner, or a logo designer, knowing the basics of the logo designing is important for you in order to design the logo as well as to judge or approve a logo design. You can have some basic knowledge of a logo by going through our blogs. Let’s start with the basic aspect of logos, that is, the types of the logos!

Types of the Logos that are Trending!

There are various types of logos that businesses have been using since the beginning of the logo industry. This article is going to cover a few famous and effective types of logos that have been trending since last few decades. Examples will be added with each type to clarify the description. Hope it will help you begin the journey of knowing more about logos.

Wordmark Logo Design

Wordmark logos are one of the simplest types of the logos where the company uses its brand name to establish its identity. This type of logo is also called monogram logo. There is graphic element in the logo and it wholly relies on typography, fonts, and the text. These logos are simple and speak for themselves as they are the name of the brand. Wordmark logos sometimes include the service type of the business as well. If your brand name is capable of conveying your brand’s message and tells the functionality or service of the brand as well, you can consider having a wordmark logo. Google is a really good example of wordmark logo.

Lettermark Logo Design

Lettermark logo designs are the ones that use letters in the logo designs. This type of logo uses initials of the brand name to create the logo design. Like wordmark designs, this type is also based on typography, font, and the text. This type is made by using the first few letters of the brand name sometimes. FedEx, for instance, uses first few letters of the words in its brand’s name. This type of logo is very effective for creating designs for brands who have a big brand name and they want to shorten it in the logo. CNN, KFC, and BBC are a few good examples of lettermark logos.

Brandmark Logo Design

Brandmarks are basically small pictorial entities used as logo marks. This type is also called symbolic logo design. Apple’s logo is a vivid example of this type of logo. This type of logo design is on a rise these days as brands are choosing to use small images to represent themselves for effective results. This is because images are good at exhibiting concepts to the audience, catch the eyes, and attract the attention more strongly. Brandmark designs involve creativity as the designer has to represent a brand by metaphorical image that will make the viewer realize the brand as a certain persona. 

Animated Logo Designs

This is the latest trend in logo design and said to be very effective. This type of logos are cool, easy to remember, charming, and eye-catching. Animated logo designs include an animated character or element in it and used on digital platforms including websites and social media. You can create and use cartoon characters to personify your brand with animated logos. There are a number of good cartoon logo maker available online with which you can design good animated logos. 

Iconic Logo Design

Iconic logo design are the designs that include both a text or a monogram and an icon or image. These logos are also called combination logos as they combine wordmark logos and brandmark logos. There are various styles that are used in iconic logo designs. Sometimes the monograms and images are closely attached while sometimes both appear separately in the design. This designs is used for making brand names more memorable by linking them with an effective visual element. Also, such logos can be reduced to just the brand name or the logo symbol according to the need of different marketing platforms.

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