Types Of Apologies That You Must Have On Your Fingertips

The apology made genuinely is fruitful whether you are requesting you it with your friend, partner, family, or anyone else.

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Apologies, why do we need them? It is a request for mercy and forgiveness.  It can never be added artificially from the outside but it flows from the pure heart. The situation becomes worse when a false apology comes into the relationship. Understanding the things that you have done something wrong and acknowledging it with the word ‘Sorry’ makes the relationship stronger. Sometimes we don’t realize that something has broken our relationship but we need to realize is that one honest confession can bring it back.

We apologies to our friends, family, and of course how can we forget the self apology? You might have heard about the self apology but tell me honestly have you ever worked on it? If not, then today you’ll learn about it. Some apologies make your relationship stronger. The apologies that should be on your fingertips just to make you realize that apologies can bring back your relationship.

1. Apologies to a friend

Apologies are hard to make and trust me the one who confesses his/her mistake is the strongest person. Apologizing for your hurtful actions to a friend needs courage. You firstly need to take responsibility for your actions keeping aside your hurt feeling. Recognize that you have made some mistakes. Don’t be too late and contact your friend and express the remorse for your actions. You can express your apology through a text or a letter. Just ask them to forgive you and make them realize that how much you value your relationship with him/her. Don’t forget to express that you will never hurt them in the future.

2. Romantic Apologies

Romantic Apologies are special the special way of saying sorry and I love you at the same time. Romantic Apologies should be sweet and loving just to make your partner feel special and making them realize how much you value your relationship. Just bring your heart out and don’t limit yourself just to one idea. Some of the ideas are like making your personalized video and sending them. The video is itself simple and sweet. The Apology cake saying confessing that I am Sorry Sweetheart. Apology sweet love notes nothing else is better than this. However, for romantic apologies will be more effective when you compliment your partner. You can plan a special date for your partner and then apologize for it. This will be the best idea to take some time for your partner and make them feel special.

3. Family Apologies

Sometimes a stranger becomes the best friend but not the family. Have you ever wondered why? Well! this is all because we spend too much time pleasing others rather than our family. It happens generally that we never make things clear and it leads to the misunderstanding. So what we can do? The only solution is to apologize in the hope that they will forgive you. It doesn’t matter whether you are apologizing to your son, daughter, or your parents. Just confess and let them know how much you care. You can simply write a short letter or make something special for them just leaving a note I am sorry.

4. Self-Apology

Sometimes while doing what is right for others, we end up hurting ourselves or just undermine our own emotions while taking in consideration, those of others.

Also, we tend to forget to love ourselves and spend time alone with out on conscience because something these things go a long way in terms of self- actualisation and achievement of the real happiness, we must learn to apologize from our own selves as well as our conscience, when we do so. Also, we must learn to appreciate ourselves and avoid saying stuff that would end up hurting us. 

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