Turning Jobs into Dreams: Data Science is a Must to Fulfill Career Aspirations

As we near 2020 (his dream India), we can only nod our head in agreement that unemployability is indeed the curse of our generation that could whack dreams and jolt experience in one blow

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More than a decade ago, our former President and intellect par excellence, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam had said, “Unemployability is a bigger menace than unemployment itself.” As we near 2020 (his dream India), we can only nod our head in agreement that unemployability is indeed the curse of our generation that could whack dreams and jolt experience in one blow!

Unemployment and Unemployability – these are two different aspects every Indian is at the risk of being sucked into. While unemployment could be due to numerous socio-economic factors, unemployability arises when skills don’t match the needs of the market. In true sense, unemployability leads to perennial unemployment. In India, where every fourth graduate youth is unemployable, technology has opened up floodgates of opportunities. However, with fertile opportunities in the tech industry, there are also enormous challenges staring at the youth. Under reeling fear of technology like Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Automation, Robotics and Machine Learning taking away a bulk of jobs from the human workforce, there is a serious debate on how we can prevent good talent from staying unemployed.

The biggest question today for any youth – Will I get a job that is sustainable and best for my career aspirations?

A part of the answer to this question could be – “data science now, success tomorrow.”

In a recent Economic Times article, 2020 will see a major push into the job market, accepting and hiring AI-trained professionals who are certified in data science and deep learning. Job creation in major industries including automotive, shipping, metallurgy and mining, nuclear science and mobile devices manufacturing will be majorly dependent on how well the Data Science professionals are paid and trained for future projects.

Here are some hard facts from leading research firms on how strongly Deep Learning and Data Science projects involving AI, machine learning and robotics could impact the job market not only in India but also in other developing countries.

- By 2020-2021, the outsourcing industry would be completely automated to chatbots and virtual assistants, leaving a bulk of the human workforce in BPO and tele-calling unemployed.

- Employees with an average digital literacy would be rendered redundant in their work field, thereby forcing their employers and other organizations replacing the humans with machines and simulation devices.

- Even artistic and creative professions like Animation, Gaming, Media and Entertainment, Music and Painting, Sports and name any other profession you can in this category, would see a major influx of data science professions.

- Apart from your IQ, it would be your Emotional Quotient (EQ) and technology quotient (TQ) that would take you to the career where you can sustain your dreams.

- Every industry including administrative, health care and teaching would see professionals lining up for Data science courses to upgrade their skills and employability standards.

If you were unaware of these trends, don’t worry. There is still time to get acquainted and manage the obvious trend changes that are staring at the job market in India.

Data Science is Not A Hype!

Data science is a mix of powerful analytics and intelligence-driven specialization that involves working with an enormous amount of data. This data could be from any part of the world or even outside… it could be structured or jumbled unstructured set of random information. The vision into Data Science is so complex that it could take 200 years of human intelligence to solve a puzzle. And, that’s where machines and quantum computing comes into the picture – a real picture at that!

Working with complex data takes a combination of human intelligence, machine algorithms and historical information to put together viable analytics to solve any given problem, within a short time. In major IT hubs of the country like Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Delhi-Noida, the Data Science projects have taken the job moment by storm.

If you jump into the data science world, you would realize that it’s an endless universe – an ever-expanding galaxy of data that could solve any problem within seconds – including those related to employment and unemployability.

Hmm, But Where Do I Start in Data Science?

Remember the old adage, “where there is a will, there’s a way…”

That’s the exact thing you need to succeed with a data science career. A data science career path in India invariably begins with a solid foundation in science and mathematics. If you go with discussions in Quora, you would find interesting information.

I have pulled some for you here –

- 40% of Data Scientists began their careers as IT and Software Engineers.

- 25% of data scientists working with leading data research companies have worked on at least 50 or more programming languages, including in the must-haves Python, C++, Java, Hadoop and Spark.

- The likes of Microsoft, Google, IBM, Oracle, HP and Salesforce are eyeing Indian data science courses for training their existing workforce deal with the trends.

- The primary skill for succeeding in a data science job is ‘communication in English’!

- Indian social media teams handling the political parties and their manifestoes would be the largest employer of Data Science professionals in 2025!

So, what are you waiting for! Data science is as much fun as it is challenging. If you love crunching numbers and have a knack of finding analytics from any data set -- this career is just for you. It’s fulfilling and enriching where you can enjoy working with global talent from China, Japan, the USA, UK, and Germany.

A life around data science job could take you to places – including into NASA, the Pentagon, Boeing and if you love sports, the Wimbledon. Now, let’s serve some aces with data science…

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