Travel Essentials Most Celebrities Carry When Boarding a Flight

Know how few travel essentials that celebrities have been carrying for ages can help you survive jet lag and other flight journey related issues.

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Travel Essentials Most Celebrities Carry When Boarding a Flight


 For those of you who love travelling and are always frequenting the airport, there are few things that they always prefer keeping in their bags. The travel essentials play a big role in saving you from crisis and chaos.

If packed wisely, these essentials can help you survive even an apocalypse. Well, that was a joke. Here are few essentials that most celebrities who travel around the globe including the Oscar Winner- Lupita Nyong, prefer carrying and wouldn’t want to leave their homes without.

Electrolyte Tablets

Hydration is important for all of us and thus keeping it handy wouldn’t harm us anyhow. Getting onboard often gets us dizzy and makes us feel out-of-breath. However, this is where hydration tablets come of help. They keep your body refreshed, hydrated and energetic even on the go. Besides, we all know how hydration boosts our skin complexion by regulating the blood flow. What better way to pamper your skin and liver than by popping in a hydration pill?

Hibiscus Tea

Celebrities like Lupia Nyong swears on a cup of hibiscus tea to reduce the travel puffiness and bloating issues. She never minds having two cups of warm hibiscus tea to avoid these problems on board. The hibiscus tea is great in reducing water retention which in turn helps you to rule out jet lag.

Hydrogen Melting Mask

There’s more that goes into a celebrities’ skin, than the usual layers of makeup and hours of salon sessions. When travelling on board, celebrities prefer carrying hydrating masks which are believed to retain the moisture of your skin that often loses out on it when travelling. The air can get your skin dry and ask for moisturisation. The masks are available in single-use packages for the convenience of your travel.

Witch Hazel

Everybody dislikes germs and does their best to combat it through various products like hand-sanitiser or liquid soaps. And this is the exact reason why most celebrities prefer keeping a hazel in their handbags to kill most of the bacteria and keep things fresh and clean.

Compression Socks

Compression socks are of great help when you are travelling for a long time. Sleeping or sitting in the same posture for hours can lead to swelling. But here’s good news for you. Swelling can be reduced and can be avoided, with the help of compression socks.

The socks help you to get back on track and stimulate the circulation in your body while you are travelling. And if celebrities can sport compression socks in public, why stops us from sporting it too?

With these essentials in your bag, you can easily combat a few problems that occur when you are in the air. So next time you pack your bag, take inspiration or two from here for a smooth and safe flight journey.

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