Top Five Ways To Say 'I Love You'

Are you in love and not sure how to express it? Here are the best tips to confess your emotions without making it go terribly wrong!

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Relationships require vigorous sacrifice and hard work but at the end of the it’s the feeling that you get once you look at you better half that makes it all seem worth the trouble!

Top Five Ways To Say 'I Love You'

For many people these days, catching feelings is a pretty major deal, when you catch feelings for someone and fall for them, that is when a relationship starts, like a seed, it is nurtured and given a lot of care y both the individuals involved in the same and hence one day, it blooms into a beautiful emotion called, ‘Love’ which is followed by the hardest part of it all; Confession which drags with itself, a million question.

Who’s going to say it first?

How do I tell him/her?

Should I even do it?

Is it worth it?

To be honest, saying that you love someone is practically one of the most difficult things in the world, it causes a physical as well an emotional turmoil in us and at the end of the day, it has to be special and hence must be done right!

Wondering how to pour your heart out in front of your loved one?

Don’t you worry!

Here are 5 ways to confess your emotions for your loved one without going horribly wrong: -

1. The Classic Date

The most classic way to do something as special as this is to treat your loved one to amazing food at their favorite hotel/restaurant and then confess and open up with the pool of emotional, mid-dessert with all your sweet love on the plate with the amazing chocolate cake.

2. The Post-Sex Confession

Another common way to confess your emotions to your love one is post-coitus, if you are a person who loves cuddling post the physical deed then this is a great option for you as you can whisper the same in their ears while you’re in each other’s arms hence, creating an intimate moment!

3. The Grand Gesture

Gifting your love one with a portrait, writing a poem for them or singing them a song, all of these falls under grand gestures.

Grand gestures add a personal touch to your confessions and make them even more special, they certainly take an extra bit of effort from your end but at the end of the day, isn’t your beloved worth the hard-work?

You could write them a hand-written letter, sing them a song, give them a momentum, cook for them, make them a gift, write them a poem or make a cute public announcement, these always tend to make them skip a beat!

4. The Unexpected Surprise

Showing up at your lover’s door unannounced at the night with food/ dessert or champagne and flowers just to hold them close and confess your love to them is what we call, the unexpected surprise,

Just catch them off-beat with your super-sweet confession and sweep them off their feet, super unexpectedly.

The surprise element adds extra shine into your gorgeous moment and makes it one that neither of you would ever forget.

5. The Cliché Text

Hitting your loved one with a super unexpected text in the middle of the night and being sneaky about hiding the fact that you love them in it can make then go bananas!

Another way to do the same is just texting them the three magical words directly and then waiting for their call as they respond to this magical confession is one of the most cliché yet extremely romantic ways to make your beloved fall in love with you, over and over again!

To be honest, there is no right or wrong way or time to confess such a beautiful emotion to your beloved so go right ahead and tell them what your heart wants because at the end, that is all that truly matters.


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