Top 5 benefits of Future Cabs that are going to revolutionize cab industry in 2019

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Cab service promotions aren’t that simple as it sounds. Every second cab operator spends truckload of finances and hundreds of hours to be a magnet for prospective customers.

Many even aggressively promote their services on social media channels to get that extra traffic of riders. Prospective users are not flocking to hire cab services companies work so hard on. All in all, despite of all efforts maximum of cab companies fail to continuously generate sales.

This is where Future Cabs differs from the other cab service companies. Future Cabs is a community of big admirers looking towards future.

As a company we strongly believe in word-of-mouth promotions. And it’s a well known fact that word-of-mouth promotions only depends on how well a company serves its customers. What state-of-the-art platform it has developed? That’s exactly where Future Cabs have definite edge.

Well you must be thinking that to bring its services in front of right eyes every second company makes such claims.

In fact, we too don’t want you to go by our words only. That’s exactly why we have conceptualized this post to lay emphasis on 5 benefits for customers that sets Future Cabs far ahead. Check 5 decisive benefits and then decide on your own.

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Top 5 benefits of Future Cabs from customers prospective

1. Safety

Contrary to others cab companies Future Cabs is the cab company for which rider safety is the main concern. In fact, for us rider safety is more important than convenience, comfort and affordability. To put in other words no matter rider is a school going kid, lone women, an aged passenger or even a male for us safety comes first. Considering this we have adopted a strict driver hiring policy. In this policy we hire drivers having sufficient experience, valid license and clean driving record. Besides this, our partners need to pass through a police verification process to join our fleet.

Going further, Future Cabs has adopted a time tested push button SOS feature. SOS enables riders to promptly forward messages to our customer support center, nearest police station and on selected numbers in case of any emergency.

Coming to user’s personal data security then again we have an adopted state-of-the-art technologies coupled with strict policies to ensure its data security. You can go through our ‘Terms and Conditions’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ documents for more details about our data safety measures.

2. Services

Next in our benefits list comes rider’s convenience. Unlike other cab companies we don’t think just by providing App based cab booking services our job is over. Considering user’s convenience our development team is continuously working to make interface user friendly. Most exciting and latest of all our integrations is our QR code feature which allows our users to scan and book a cab in literally no time.

No matter where our prospective passenger is in our service area, our App works seamlessly without even single technical snag. Above all, we have launched both Android as well as iOS versions so no matter what technology you are using our application is compatible with all.

3. Customer support

Along with this we have established a dedicated 24X7 customer support system. Here we constantly collect feedback, suggestions and reviews from our 10000+ user community. This helps us to make our interface more easy, simple and quick. This is the prime reason majority of our users consider our tailor made interface as most user friendly platform.

4. Smart Payment features

We well understand that now-a-day’s users prefer to go cashless and taking this into consideration we have adopted all major cashless payment methods. To put in other words our automatic drive fare estimation system not only gives a tentative fare idea but also accepts cashless payments.

So, our users don’t need to fumble in their wallet or wait too long for change etc. They can simply use their credit card, debit card, internet banking facilities to make payment. Above all, we have adopted industries best technologies to make online payments absolutely secure.

5. Rewards & Referral System

Last but not least, we have adopted a unique referral system to assist our customers gain serious monetary benefits. Yes! With our referral plan we offer rewards in user’s wallet for referring our services to their family members and friends.

Apart from this, to share the good we also offer exclusive festive season and holiday discounts. Availing such discounts users can make their travelling even more economical.

Concluding thoughts

Running a cab service platform is not that easy as it sounds.

Users have downloaded our App that does not mean our job is done. It does not work that way. In fact, that’s the point from where the real work starts.

That’s why we always keep our users at center stage. We have designed our services in such a manner that our users get full value for their money.

But again we recommend that don’t just go by our words. And no matter how tempting our features sound. We recommend you too first download our Application and then try our services to experience how Future Cabs is all set to revolutionize cab industry in 2019.

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