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Tools like Google Analytics are some of the most commonly used SEO tools and are used widely.

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If you are a small or a mid-sized company, the Local SEO tool must be an essential part of your business. These are great tools and which give you most of the features like the premium tools but in extremely affordable prices. There are many local SEO which are totally free of cost and easy to implement as well. We are listing down top 10 local SEO tools for 2019 which will surely help you in selecting the right one for your business to maximise the output.

1. Moz Local


About the tool- If you are facing challenges regarding the visibility of your brand to potential customers, Moz local SEO tool is one of the best tool which is available for you at an affordable price. It is a very basic local listing management tool which is very helpful for the user to manage the local listings.

What is good about it- It helps in pushing the listing and makes sure that you as a brand are visible to your customers. Additionally, you are notified with the errors, if any, while your citations are scanned. A single interactive performance dashboard with a single click, helps you to improve response times with instant alerts of new reviews on some of the major platforms.

Who should use it- No matter if you are a big enterprise or a smaller or mid-sized company, the Moz Local SEO Tool is something that will be extremely beneficial for you. As soon as this tool is implemented on your business, there will be no looking back and the customer reach will increase on almost daily basis. With minimum inputs and maximum outputs, the value of your work would be proved quickly and accurately.

Pricing- $84 per year

2. Yext


About the tool- Yext is another powerful listing management tool that is not only cost effective but provides you as a brand, complete control over you brand experiences across maps, apps, search engines, voice assistants and other services that consumers use for the searching purpose.

What is good about it- One of the best things about Yext which makes it stand apart from many other local SEO tools is that, Amazon Alexa has been added recently to their knowledge network which means, all your business recent updates are with Alexa and this information is shared to millions of customers through thousands of Alexa equipped devices. Another thing which makes it better than most of the other local SEO Tools is that it is one of the very few tools in the market which has automated local listing management capabilities.

Who should use it- Whether you run a single location business, a multi-location business or a marketing agency, Yext is suitable for smaller to mid-sized and large business models as well. If you are looking to enhance your customer reach with a decent investment on local SEO tools, Yext is surely the one for you.

Pricing- Pricing of Yext starts at $199 per year and goes up to $999 per year for the premium and advanced package whereas the complete package costs $499 a year.

3. Uberall


About the tool- Uberall is a powerful local Citation Software that gives your global brands, a local relevance. It is a listing management software that helps you take advantage of the listings based on the location so that your brands and locations are properly represented across the web and is reachable to most relevant local customers.

What is good about it- One of the best things about Uberall tool is that you can manage business listings from a single platform across more than 100 platforms. You can also update data specific to location in real-time. The tool emphasises on the local business and hence it empowers the businesses to make more sales by influencing local customers’ purchasing decisions. The Uberall tool is one of the world’s first tools that works with Facebook’s business offers and uses its API. The Facebook API feature enables the business to not only interact with their customers but reach out to them with offers and discounts to increase sales across all store locations.

Who should use it- Any business that concentrates on local customers must use the Uberall Cloud Platform to increase their sales on the local level. Even if you are a global brand planning to target location specific customers, you must definitely opt for this tool.

Pricing- $570 per location per year.

4. SEMrush


About the tool- SEMrush is one of the most popular and widely used local SEO and search analytic software tool because it has all the features you are looking for to give your business, new heights and excellent customer reach. The tool is very user friendly and almost anybody can get the maximum output from it with minimum efforts. As soon as you input the data and find your location, the tool will present a list of your listings and their status for each directory website.

What is good about it- Since SEMrush is an automated listing tool, after you make necessary changes to the data, the tool takes care of automatically updating your listings accordingly. SEMrush also has announced their own listings management tool in collaboration with Yext which makes it even more powerful and advanced. Some of the most popular tools of SEMrush include its keyword research tool, backlink checker and competitor analysis. Only because of such powerful features, big brands like HP and Quora have implemented SEMrush in their business.

Who should use it- As far as the usage is concerned, SEMrush can be used and implemented by any business if you are ready to get the most out of your business with a decent investment on this powerful tool. Whether you are a big name in the industry or wanting to be the one, this tool has everything you ever wanted to grow your business

Pricing- The basic plan starts with $99 monthly for freelancers and startups with limited budget and goes up to $199 for the growing marketing agencies and $399 for businesses with extensive web presence.

5. Whitespark


About the tool- Whitespark is a local SEO software tool that helps business with local search marketing. One of the most popular offerings of Whitespark is the Citation Finder Tool that helps you find the citation opportunities you have been missing and considerably improves the relevant local search rankings. Once you start the implementation of Whitespark in your business, you will see a considerable improvement in the local SEO rankings as the tool finds where you should list your business for this improvement.

What is good about it- Whitespark has many good features in addition to basic local listing management which gives the user a wide variety of different ways to explore all aspect of business improvements. Local rank tracker is one of the most amazing features of Whitespark which uses you precise location settings to give a detailed report of your overall SEO performance. Reputation Builder is another feature of Whitespark that makes it easy to prompt customers to share a review on your review site via SMS or email. With the Review Monitoring feature, you are given an alert as soon as you get a bad review so that you can immediately take an action for it.

Who should use it- Any business looking to improve local SEO rankings and compare their citations with the top ranked competitors to find the citations that need improvement must use Whitespark as a local SEO tool.

Pricing- The basic end of the tool starts from $16.67 a month and goes to $100 a month for the advanced version.

6. TribeLocal



About the tool- TribeLocal is a local SEO Tool for managing listings and online reputation thus making the process easy to boost the local business. It is considered as one of the best ORM tools available today and you as a business can amplify your and your client’s online presence and performance. For your local business, there is a review generation software that helps you get more reviews by asking the customers to leave a review on your Facebook an Google pages.

What is good about it- TribeLocal uses local citations, rankings, reviews, Social Media mining, Google business insights etc to analyse and monitor the online reputation of your brand. This helps in improving your standing online as a brand and a company that ultimately results in better lead generation. The Online Reputation Management Guide is the ultimate guide for the agencies and local businesses to view and manage their internet reputation. To manage the reviews from more than 100 local business directories, TribeLocal’s Online review management tool is of great use. Also with the help of the review generation tool, you can generate thousands of reviews for your business online on Facebook, google and other channels where customers search for you.

Who should use it- If you are looking to manage your listings and online reputations at the most affordable prices, you must use TribeLocal. There are many premium features that you get in this tool in affordable prices that makes it very popular.

Pricing- There are 3 packages with different features. The basic pack which is the Starter Pack starts at $29, the Growth pack which has more advanced features costs you $49 per month whereas the Business Pack which has the most advanced features, costs you $69 per month.

7. BrightLocal

About the tool- BrightLocal is a collection of tools that is available at the most affordable prices and even a small agency or a start-up can easily afford and implement it on their business. The tools help you to compare the rankings of your business against your competitors on the three major search engines hence you get to know your standings online against your competitors so that you can improve them with the best of your capabilities.

What is good about it- The customized location Dashboard gives you hundreds of features to analyse and amplify your online presence and gives you a detailed report about your standings against your competitors. You can track your local, organic and mobile rankings, get alerts and monitor online reviews, produce SEO audits and sales reports and may more. You can take control of your online reputation using the Reputation Manager tool which is very powerful and useful for your business. The Local Rank Checker tools let you monitor your search rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many other platforms. The tool automatically scans thousands of citation sites to identify where you are missing out on the best citation opportunities. The tool conducts an audit on the top 50 citation sites and alerts you with the harmful errors so that you could fix them right away.

Who should use it- Anybody looking to get the most out of one tool in the most affordable pricing available in the market must surely go for it. Doesn’t matter if you are a freelancer, start-up or a big brand, BrightLocal has everything to suite your business needs.

Pricing- The pricing are $29, $49 and $79 for Single Business, Multi Business and SEO Pro respectively.

8. BirdEye



About the tool- BirdEye is an excellent brand reputation management tool that lets you filter online activity related to your company name thus making the whole process easier and friendly for you. Being a Brand Reputation Management tool, BirdEye helps you to monitor Social Media reputations, blogs, articles, news forum, online communities and many more to analyse the factors that are affecting your business or brand.

What is good about it- One of the best things about this amazing tool is that it promotes the genuine reviews online which in turn helps you to get better customer engagement and promote traffic to your website. With the help of Natural Language Processing the comments and feedback are well analysed to build your company, a stronger one online. BirdEye is trusted by around 40,000 big and small local businesses thus making it very popular amongst the other local SEO tools.

Who should use it- If you are business looking to increase customer reviews, be found online, capture more leads, get authentic customer feedback, improve customer experience or improve customer experience, BirdEye is surely the one for you. Although the pricing is slightly on the higher side, every penny your spend on this tool is worth.

Pricing- Pricing for BirdEye for small businesses starts at $3000 per year while the pricing for the enterprise starts at $100000 per year.

9. Synup



About the tool- Synup is a tool that helps you in easily managing your local listings, reviews and analyse them as well. This tool is very useful when it comes to submitting your NAP to the local directories. Synup has a collection of local SEO tools which are very powerful and extremely useful to give new heights to your business and get one step closer to your customers. The analysis of your data is done with extreme precision with the tools all thanks to the interactive and easy to use dashboard.

What is good about it- Whether our business is setup on one location or multiple, the Synup tool is super easy to implement and use all thanks to its excellent location management. One of the best things about Synup is that you can use it to increase the positive reviews on your business you get on Facebook, Google and any other website which surely gives you an upper hand on your business. With the instant-sync feature, your business and location data are synced instantly across different sites. Also, you can very well monitor the interactions of the customers and get notified instantly when customers leave a review for your business. The Respond-Back feature allows you to respond back to the reviews you get from within the Synup platform. The integrated analytics helps you in tracking the web rankings, traffic and much more.

Who should use it- With an affordable price range, the Synup tool provides you with many features that gives you an upper hand in your business. No matter if you are a big name or a small start-up, you have a business in one location or multiple, the Synup tool is capable enough to manage and analyse your business with precision and accuracy.

Pricing- Synup costs $30 per location per month

10. Hoth



About the tool- Hoth gives you the full suite of SEO products to manage your business efficiently and drive organic traffic to your website with the most easiest ways. Set your budget according to your needs and give it to Hoth and they will take care of everything you want. Hoth is the collection of all the SEO products and Services you need at one place. With the user-friendly portal, it becomes extremely easier for you to manage the order portal with a click of a button.

What is good about it- With the Local SEO, Hoth helps you to get your business to the top of local search which surely an advantage and increases the business considerably. There is a feature called “Hoth Blogger” which creates a an enterprise-level blog content for you with keywords that concentrates on what the audience looks for, on daily basis online. The Reputation Management feature helps you out in building the reputation of your business which attracts customers and ultimately increases business. With the Hoth Star feature, you can minimise and prevent negative reviews, push reviews to the site of your choice and auto post reviews to the social media. This surely gives a reputation to your business at the end of the day. Apart from these key features, Hoth provides hundreds of SEO tools like backlink Checker, Domain Authority Checker, Organic Traffic Stats, Keyword Extraction, Rankings Checker and many more which acts as a catalyst for your business.

Who should use it- Any medium to large enterprise interested in reaching the targeted audience in the most easiest way with decent pricing can for it. It has many automated tools which makes your life easy and surely gives a boon to your business

Pricing- The pricing for the mini, results and platinum packages are $100, $350 and $475 respectively depending on your package.

11. Nightwatch

About the tool- Nightwatch is an SEO tracker of the next generation designed for companies who are focused on scaling up their internet business. It offers progressive SEO tracking features such as advanced visualization and segmentation of keywords and backlinks, data aggregation, automatic keyword and competitor discovery, smart notifications, and much more.

What is good about it-Nightwatch is exceptionally good at segmenting and visualizing data. With its intuitively designed dashboard, users can quickly track at all the important metrics that matter most on different diagrams and graphs. This makes it easy to track SEO progress. Additionally, its reporting feature is highly customizable -- pick the schedule, file type, metrics, and even include a custom logo.

Who should use it-It’s the perfect tool for website owners, marketing agencies and professionals who are focused on scaling up their internet business.

Pricing-There are different pricing plans based on personal, business, and agency use starting at $19/month. 

The above list local SEO tools have been chosen from many tools available in the market and these have been chosen as they are cost effective and easy to implement to your business. These tools when implemented with your local SEO strategies, gives a new height to your business and enhances the performance. Try out one of these based on your requirements and budget and you will surely see the difference.

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