Tips For Choosing A Suitable Glue Gun For Your Project

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Hot melt glue guns and hot melt adhesives are used in a variety of conditions and situations. Hot melt adhesives can glue wood, glass, plastic, metal, ceramics, and rubber, among other materials. They can be used in the craft and hobby projects, modeling, prototyping, floral arrangements, and in a number of industries including woodworking, packaging, electronics, diaper, and other industries. Both glue guns and glue sticks are readily available as well. But because of the technical specifications and underlying variations of the glue guns, you need to know which glue gun you should choose for your particular project. This will help fulfill the aspirations the best way.

Classification of Hot Melt Glue Guns

We can classify the hot melt glue gun varieties available today into:

•Essential series- Low-temperature glue guns for lighter jobs.

•Plus Ultra series- Guns with additional features like auto-shut off.

•Professional series- For professional uses that lie somewhere in between the basic and industrial tasks.

•Specialty series- For craft projects

•Industrial series- For the toughest and routine industrial jobs.

Essential Series Glue Guns

The low-temperature essential-series glue guns will bond the delicate materials, while not destroying them. These guns can be used when you have to work on materials including lightweight fabrics, ribbons, laces, and floral arrangements among others. The Homebase Hobby style glue gun comes with a PTC heater and is best for the craft, hobby, and DIY projects. The 3 models of the gun come in the 20 W, 40 W and 60 W variety with temperatures going up to 193°C.


Plus Ultra Series Glue Guns

When you want to ensure safety, the plus ultra-series glue guns may have ample of features. For instance, you may be bothered about the glue gun being in the switched-on state after you have stopped working on it. You may have gone out of the house and would wish that there would be some way through which the gun can be switched off. Well, the ultra-series glue guns can do just that for you. The HomeBase glue guns have the auto-shutoff mechanism. The sensor and the functionality are built in the trigger itself, so that the gun is switched off after 30 minutes of your squeezing the trigger, automatically. You can also choose the cordless variety, to work in more restricted spaces.

Professional Series Glue Guns

The professional series glue guns are a little bit lighter than the industrial glue guns but have greater power and wattage capacity than the normal, basic and essential glue guns. These guns can be used for professional works including packaging, woodworking, and other large DIY projects. The Homebase Professional glue gun has the best ergonomics, and a handle suitable for better grip. The guns may melt the glue fast enough and come in the 80 W, 120 W, and the 180 W models.

Industrial Glue Guns

The industrial heavy duty glue guns are built to work for the longest of hours without any problems. They can be used for the routine operations every day, for months and years. These glue guns possess heating systems of the highest capacity. They are good for gluing the large areas and therefore have tremendous industrial usage. The comfortable handles prevent operator fatigue. The guns also have variable temperature settings so that different kinds of hot melt adhesives can be used. The industrial glue guns may have up to 600 Watt capacity and have higher operating temperatures (at around 230° centigrade).

With many variations available it is important that you first evaluate your project and subsequently look for a gun that has the right features and specifications. Choosing a glue gun that you can operate at lower as well as higher temperatures can be a better and more versatile option. This way you can leverage the use of the glue gun for a wider range of projects as well. The hot glue gun price in India is reasonable and affordable when you shop for it at the leading online supplier website. 

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