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It is a grueling task for all students to cover 3-4 months of study material for one test. For some student, exam time can be stressful because they have unorganized and incomplete notes and they do not measure their time wisely.

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We all want to qualify exams in order to get admissions and scholarships in best universities and colleges. The student must need to follow some of the exam tips in order to qualify exams such as they need to begin studying approximately around 40-60 minutes after a meal, never study while lying at bed, make a scheduled plan of what you need to cover, do not leave your daily habits (sports, sleep etc.), take break after studying about 40-60 minutes so that mind will get refreshed.

Tips to qualify exam are-

Create a master time table schedule before exams that should be realistic- Create realistic timetable by considering facts such as list all the topics that you need to cover, estimate how much time you have left to revise each module, categorize topics as per your interests, highlight all the topics that you have covered, pat yourself on the back frequently by looking back on what you have already finished or covered. In order to qualify exams, it is better to follow given tips-

 Try to compact or reduce your notes to keywords and phrases so that it will be helpful for you to memorize all the facts.

 Reduce your notes further into subcategories so that you will prepare an index card through which you will get familiar with the topics that you have already covered.

Strategies to capture and learn topics- You should have to follow proven study strategies in order to memorize all the topics of each module-

 Ask questions- This is the optimal strategy through which you will prepare test on a regular basis. You should ask questions to your invigilators and faculty members in order to reinforce your own learning and make sure that you will complete the work that has been given to you in allotted time so that you will clarify your doubts on time.

 Read and understand real concept behind the topic- In order to memorize and learn the things, it is important for you to understand real concept behind the topic. In addition to that, it is important to actively read topics and be focused on main idea, bold and highlighted terms.

 Review all the topic that you have covered recently- It is hard for everyone to memorize things for long time. Thus, it is important for you to re-read and summarize and test yourself before exams so that you realize your mistakes and try to overcome them before examination.

Be focused on the main concepts and bold points instead of learning all details- Do not waste time on memorizing each and every detail and formulas just try to inculcate broad concepts and ideas that reflect your understanding and conceptualization ability in examination. Here are some of the strategies that you can use to focus during study time-

 Try to study bold and underlined information as it gives you a clear understanding of the topic

 Ask questions to yourself about the concepts from the notes, chapters,and assignments.

Properly Read and write all the concepts with concentration-Make sure that you are in a comfortable environment while studying and work somewhere where you will be free of distractions so that you can memorize the things properly. Some of the strategies that will help you to read and write during study time are-

 Select a place or environment for study that is naturally free of noises and distraction.

 Try to alter your topics every 1- 2 hours in order to keep things interesting

 Take regular breaks and try to conceptualize the study stuff so that you enjoy it

 Give yourself rewards for even small achievements while studying because rewards encourage you to do more.

What to do on the day of examination?

Wake up early in the morning and start reviewing each topic- Try to wake up early in the morning so that you can revise all the things that you have prepared since last day. By waking up early in the morning you will increase your energy throughput of the day and this activity will give confidence that will be helpful for you during examination.

Read and review entire test before you begin to write- It is known fact that anxiety is common among students and it is natural to feel anxious while facing test due to which many of students face difficulty in learning and remembering facts for the test. Thus, to reduce the level of anxiety it is important for you to read and review whole exam.

Manage your time so that you can cover all the topics in exam-After reading the entire test, allot time to each question that will be helpful for you to complete test before allotted time. Try to attempt long questions according to their weight-age and try to use rest of the time on multiple choice questions (If any).

Learn from the tests- Some time tests teach you the facts that you have never learned from anyone. The mistake that you have done in your previous tests will not get repeated in next test this implies that you have learned from your own experience.

After the exam, it is primary responsibility to compare your performance with your own work so that you realize your mistakes timely. Talk with your instructor about your scores and try to evaluate your mistakes and always try to extract positive factors from your past experiences. 

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