This is how you harm your Kidneys

Kidney is one of the vital organs of our body. It does a lot of good things to keep your body toxin free and healthy. So, are you nourishing or aching your kidney? Any damage caused to it could be irreversible. Kidneys keep our body healthy by filtering toxins from the blood, removing extra fluids and regulating the blood pressure. So, watch out what you eat! Any small lifestyle changes that you give to your body can protect your kidney too. Here we have discussed some of the possible ways that can harm your kidneys more than what you think. So, keep reading the post to know what you need to avoid to keep protecting your kidneys.

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Cap your salt:

Foods high in sodium can increase your blood pressure which in turn harms your kidneys. This is one of the leading causes of kidney failure. So always try to sprinkle little salt as even at a low concentration can bring taste to your food. The daily recommended dosage of salt is 5 to 6 grams per day (1 teaspoon). Cap your salt bottle before you add more to your food.



Intake of high sugar can not only damage the blood vessels but can also harm the nephrons of your kidneys. Monitor your blood sugar level and frame your diet plan according to it. Cut down your sugars and refined carbs like rice, cakes, bread etc. Get an appointment with your doctor and seek his advice. Follow your diabetic medicine as prescribed. If you are already on insulin shot, then never miss a dose at any cost. Refill your medicine now from any trusted online medicine site in just a few clicks.



Irrespective of any age, overweight is quite a common problem faced by many people around the globe. Surprisingly, due to sedentary lifestyle, youngsters fall prey to many lifestyle diseases. It’s very difficult, but crucial to maintain a healthy weight. Increased waistline can cause diabetes and hypertension which in turn are the key factors for kidney disease, heart disease and other health ailments. Creating awareness and educating on obesity and the way to lead a healthy lifestyle will drastically reduce the occurrence of kidney disease among individuals.



If Dehydration occurs, it can impair our normal body functions as our body is made up of 50 to 60% of water. Water helps to remove toxins from the blood through urine. Dehydration ends up in clogging up of toxins and acids in the body which can cause damage to our kidneys. Dehydration can also cause the formation of kidney stones and urinary tract infections. Limit the intake of water if you are suffering from kidney failure. If you are not well hydrated, your urine will appear yellow in colour. You can replenish it with proper water intake. Still, if you see your urine is dark yellow in colour then, seek advice from healthcare professional as it can be caused either due to certain drugs or dehydration. The right amount of fluid intake depends upon gender, health conditions, pregnancy, climate and exercise. Talk to your doctor and check about the ideal quantity of water to be taken as per your individual body condition.



For sure, smoking is not good for your lungs and heart! Did you know that it is not good for your kidneys as well? Yes! Nicotine can accelerate kidney damage among smokers. It slows down the flow of blood to kidneys and impairs kidney function, resulting in chronic kidney disease. Smoking increases the risk of Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC), the most common form of kidney cancer seen today. With informed lifestyles and proper health choices, one can reduce the chance of developing kidney cancer to a certain extent, provided there is no contributing genetic factor.


OTC medicines:

Now many medicines are available through OTC medium. We first head to the nearest drug store to get medicines to manage pain. If your kidney is healthy, taking OTC medicine in emergencies doesn’t pose much health risks. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) like ibuprofen, aspirin, and naproxen causes severe damage to the kidneys, if taken regularly. It reduces the flow of the blood to the kidney as well as it damages kidney tissues and structures. Don’t put your kidneys at risk; always talk to your doctor before you hit on OTC medicines.



High blood pressure:

Many of us are aware that high blood pressure increases the chance of stroke and heart disease but, it also affects your kidney leading to kidney failure. High blood pressure can damage blood vessels and impairs kidney function. Wastes and extra fluid starts to build up and increases your blood pressure in turn. Monitor your blood pressure frequently to avoid kidney damage or worsening of an existing condition. Adopting a healthy diet and keeping your weight on check can reduce the risk of kidney disease. If you are already on BP medication, then browse through your prescription medicines now from any best online medicine store and order for quick home delivery.

Apart from the above causes, there are many other factors which can impose direct damage to kidneys:

  1. Drinking excess alcohol

     2. Improper sleep can affect your sleep/wakeup cycle

     3. Exposure to cadmium increases the risk of kidney cancer. Individuals who do more           works with batteries, welding materials and paints pose more risk on the kidney.

     4. High blood sugar levels

    5. Regular drinking of cola-based soft drinks beverages increases the risk of kidney                disease

    6. Exposure to dyes used in X-ray procedure like angiograms and CT-scans can also              cause damage to kidneys.



If you have any metabolic disorder, then get your kidney function checked as to lower the risk of damage to kidneys. If you are already on treatment, then find out your prescription drugs online and order it right away. Take precautions and follow a healthy lifestyle to stay healthy. If you notice any changes in the body, then contact your healthcare provider. He can help you to foil the rise of bigger snags in future. 

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