Things You Need to know about Frameless Shower Door

Things you need to know before Order Frameless Shower Door Glass

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A proper interior design is quite a lot more than just deciding colors, selecting fabrics and lightning as it is also about changing people’s lifestyles and improving their way of living. All the small and basic details of your home, such as colors on the walls, the type of curtains, selection of doors, types of furniture, perfect lighting for your place, what accessories you should acquire, etc. must be given appropriate and equal importance.

Always try to get the best of everything by converting your dull space into an exciting and stimulating place that soothes your spirit and relieves your stress after an exhausting day. The amazing Woodbridge frameless sliding glass shower door will make your bathroom and shower enclosure more modern, up-to-date, and bright. The spotless and smooth look will balance different styles of bathroom. Always try to plan things with texture. Look for all the possible options and then select the best one amongst all.

What is a frameless shower door?

A frameless shower inclusion is made up of 3/8″ to 1/2″ polished and tempered safety glass. This form of glass has bigger strength and potency. It does not involve any kind of heavy metal framing around it. The use of frameless shower doors is a smart and easy way of providing a unique and distinctive look to your bathroom. The spotless and sparkling look of thick, frameless glass panels makes your shower the central and crucial point of the bathroom. The frameless glass panels are far easier to clean than framed boards.

How much does a frameless glass shower door cost?

The frameless shower doors are costly as compared to framed shower doors. The reason is that it contains a thick glass and requires unique hardware. The frameless shower doors require strong bolts and nuts to hold up. However, it is observed that the cost of a frameless glass shower door lies between $900 to $1,300. For more information about shower door glass cost and thickness, you can check here.

Does water from the frameless shower doors seep out?

Frameless shower doors do have small gaps and spaces at the sides and hinges of the doors. Though, with proper and suitable installation, it is extremely unlikely that water will outdo through these spaces.

Do frameless shower doors need a header?

Headers are normally used when a fixed glass panel is hinged to an adjacent glass flap. Every time the glass door is unbolted, it pulls on the attached glass board. The use of a support header alleviates some of the anxiety to stop the weakening of the glass-to-glass association over time. But headers are not required if the glass door is attached to a wall.

Are frameless shower doors safe?

Proper maintenance is required to keep them in a good state. The frameless glass shower doors are safe if you select the right kind of material. Different types of glass material are available in the market. Selecting the right kind of material helps in providing maximum safety and protection.

What is the best frameless shower door?

Frameless shower doors are neat, well-designed and visually satisfying. The use of these doors will make your bathroom look more spacious. Some of the best frameless shower doors are DreamLine Enigma X Fully Frameless Shower Door, VIGO Elan Frameless Shower Door, Aston SDR978-SS-60-10 Frameless Shower Door, DreamLine SHDR-20307210F-09 Unidoor, DreamLine Elegance Frameless Hinged Shower Door, DreamLine Infinity-Z Frameless Shower Door, etc.

What is the difference between frameless and framed shower doors?

A framed shower door contains a metal around the entire structure – including the door but a frameless shower door does not contain a metal around the entire door. The frameless door is attached by using hinges. Different types of clips are also used on the fixed panels.

Are frameless shower doors easy to clean?

Frameless shower doors are a lot promoted as low-maintenance in comparison to customary and usual installations. They are easy to clean show door and maintain. You will need to assume and take up a few new cleaning practices to keep your doors unspoiled and spotless.

How do you install a frameless shower door?

The most common type of frameless shower inclusions is a flap with an axis. These inclusions often have a preset panel (Panel A), which was mounted in the directions above, as well as a revolving, hinged panel (Panel B). A usual hinge operates much like a door in your house where it opens 90 degrees in a distinct bearing. Similarly, a pivot hinge is a door that can be pulled or pushed open with a range of 180 degrees. Anything which is fixed under proper guidelines sets up in the best way. The same is the case with installing frameless shower doors. If you install and replace a shower door in your home or office on your own, then there are many chances that you will soon find yourself in trouble.


The frameless doors help in making the place look stylish and elegant. The doors are made up of different glass materials. Selecting the right type of frameless door is quite a tough job to do. There are a lot of points that should be considered important. However, seeking professional help, in this case, is a good decision. The experts and professionals are completely trained in their work. From preparation to demolition and cleaning, an expert will always make sure to maintain and keep a clean working environment to prevent any kind of potential safety hazards from you and your family. 

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