Things To Remember For Your Child's First Camp

Camps are the best! It’s possibly the best time to get your kids a taste of various indoor and outdoor activities.

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Parents who are planning to send their little one out for camps, you are on the track. Do send! The first experience going on a camp for kids is the best, kids get to learn a whole sequence right from planning the camp, deciding the perfect camp for themselves till back home from the camp.

Nowadays just like schools, there are many places where only specialized activities are carried out like summer camps. With special nurturing environment, the caring staff with different specializations in different sports and interests. These camps also carryout small picnics at nearby places where kids can bond together and make new friends.

But there are some points to be taken care of, before sending your little ones for the camp, and to make it “The First and Best Camp” experience for your kid –

Choose Campsite Wisely –

Research a lot, see to it that which are the campsites who are the best service providers. Read the reviews for the same. To get the best one, make a comparison between at least three campsites and then come down to the best one.

While doing so, do keep into consideration that what are your kid’s keen interests. Keep your kid involved in the process. Also one important tip that since it’s your kids first time for camping out, don’t choose the campsite which is too far away. Once your kid is habitual gradually you can look for good far campsites.

Visiting Campsite –

Since it will be for a first time experience, do visit the campsite for the peace of mind. The kid can also create a picture of what a campsite exactly looks like. Also get confirmed all your doubts if you have any. Most importantly, there will be an enlightened excitement in camper kid by seeing the whole environment around.

Be Positive and Calm –

Don’t panic, though as a parent you are worried but keep the conversation around the kids positive. Also don’t express concern or homesickness in front of kids. Keep them charged and talk to them about your camp experiences, probably the good ones! This will built up their enthusiasm towards having fun and learning from their first experience of camp.

Be keen on Packing –

Firstly pack only those clothes which are comfortable, which will not be regretted if ripped, stained or which will cause any distress to the kid. Labelling the essentials which will be carried by the kid is one clever idea, so that it will become ease for the kid to identify easily. It’s fine if you miss any essential while packing, don’t panic! Let the kid take a proactive step towards borrowing from someone else buying from the campsite.

The Checklist –

Your Checklist should be prioritized with some of the mains like:

Is Proper documentation followed between you and the Campsite people?

The pick-up and drop will be facilitated or not?

What care packages will be provided?

In case of any emergency what will be the steps taken?

Is there any proper medication available in case of medical emergency or minor sickness?

Keep the contact details exchanged with concern person, even if facilitated with pick-up and drop then the details of vehicle and driver too.

Let them be on Own –

Follow the policies of the campsite, if the policies of the campsite says no calling allowed. Stick to it. It’s for a good cause no need to panic.

Remember the expressions of the kid when he will be coming back home and will be excited to share even the minor detail about the whole routine and what fun he had at the campsite. Don’t steal that thunder from them just by getting all the updates now and them, unless and until it’s for any serious reason. Let them be on their own!


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