Things to Keep in Mind While Hiring A Stone Installation Company

What Are Stone Installation Companies?

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Stone installation companies help us to choose, design and install the perfect floors for homes or commercial building. Choosing a good stone for your floor is important but its end product depends on the expertise with which the work is being done. They offer a variety of materials to choose for new construction or renovation project. Stone flooring not only transforms the house but also adds value and beautifies it. Poor Installation ruins the look of flooring, walls or backslashes. If we are spending money on stone, ceramic or porcelain tile, it is worth investing on an expertise craftsmanship of a professional stone installation company.


Before hiring a stone installation company there are a few things to be kept in mind

1. Mason certificate: It is important to make sure that the worker holds a contractor’s license.

2. Work experience: just like other professions, masons also have specialties. For e.g. all masons are not able to work with mason stones

3. Work plan: It is important to plan things in advance. It helps in getting an idea for how long the project may last

4. Prepare home for stone work: Some masons may want to do prep work before they start so it is always better to prepare your home in advance

5. References from clients: Always check on the previous work and the level of satisfaction they got from the work. You should always consider your options and evaluate them on the basis of reviews from other people.

6. Payment schedule: Cost is essential for the ability to complete the work. Always make payments in section. Hold back the final until the work is completed.

7. Masonry materials: It is advisable to buy some of the materials by yourself because it will be cheaper.

8. Cleaning after the work is complete: Make sure the masons clean up the mess after their work is completed.

9. Workers compensation insurance: Protects the client from liabilities if a worker is injured on his/her property.




Benefits of Hiring A Professional Stone Installing Company

1. The product warranty is protected: Many manufacturers do not put a cover over the tile or grout. This leads to further damage due to inadequacy in installation. The products sold by the companies are warranted and any damage done to the tiles during installation is to be paid by the company.

2. Faster installation: Saves long hours of hassle to install by the client himself. They also fix problems that may occur later.

3. Specialized equipment: For cutting, grouting the stones special equipment are required which is not usually used by a layman.

4. Prevents water damage: If the stones are not properly installed, water may enter through cracks and will lead to further damage and mildew on the floors and ceilings.


Preventive Measures

Best measure would be to hire a potential stone installing company for preventing common issues from taking place.

Following are the measures that necessary in order to prevent any potential problems that may arise from installation of stones

1. Hollow tiles: The right type below-surface preparation for any of the slabs are essential. Always make sure that there are no traces of dry mud on any parts of the slab. This can cause adhesion between the slab and the tile.

2. Cracking: A crack suppression, which is a type of membrane can be used to prevent the cracks in the tile. Most common methods used to prevent cracking are:

• Applying paint on the membrane: This is applied in between the slabs in order to ensure that the tile bonds with the floor. Since the product is flexible enough, the tile is prevented from cracking.

• An uncoupling mat: It is a material with a plastic criss-cross texture which sticks to the mat. This texture fills up the spaces in between the gaps of the mat. Making the tile to sit comfortably on the posts with some space in between them. Use of these mats are expensive but is more useful in comparison to the crack suppression membrane.

Thus, the main ideology for stone installation companies must be to provide services for stone and tile aesthetic in homes and commercial buildings.

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