These Heros are saving the planet One Drop At A Time

The Earth is covered with 70% of water but unfortunately, only 2.5 water is fresh and usable. Globally and nationally people fight for water and its believed that the next world war will happen for Water.` Understanding the significance of water, This blog is about 2 people from India who are in a constant quest to save water for future generations.

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ZToday when I googled "waterman of India", learned about this great man Mr Rajendra Singh, who built Jodha's(1500 BC technique of storing rainwater) for conserving water for 1000+ villages in Rajasthan. He was awarded the 2015 Stockholm water prize, also known as Noble prize for water. Here is a small glimpse about the Water Man of India.


Rajendra Singh along with the NGO team has built more than 8600 Jodhas in more than 1068 villages from the period of 1985 to 2008. Now many people in those villages can have access to clean water without crossing their villages. He believed that Water is the driving force for Nature and it's our responsibility to conserve it. A big shout for the Waterman of India Mr Rajendra Singh.

Another Hero that i wanted to talk about is Mr Aabid Surthi, who is a painter, author, cartoonist, journalist and a great philanthropist. He started a one-man NGO called " Drop Dead Foundation" where he's saving tonnes of water from leaking pipes and other plumbing problems for free in Mumbai.


Typically his week starts off on Monday where he & his volunteer target an area or group society, Publicise about Drop Dead Foundation with flyers and posters. On Sunday, Mr Aabid along with a plumber visits each and every apartment knocking the doors of people enquiring if there are any water leakages or plumbing problems. He believes every drop counts and in childhood, he was depressed by every single drop wasted because of leaking pipes. So far he wrote more than 80 books and created characters such as Bahadur or Daduji.


He received National Award for his short story collection, Teesri Aankh in 1993. he is very proud to say that he saved more than 20,000 Litres of water till date. He inspired a lot of people with Comics, books and motivate others to join the movement of Drop Dead Foundation where every drop counts.


Colgate has awarded Aabid Surthi as the Water Hero's and did a special documentary on him. he spoke in a couple of ted talks. He narrates his simple story and how he loves saving water for the future generation.


Aabid always says

"When you honestly set out to do good work, the entire universe is there to back you. Not only that, God becomes your fundraiser,"

The water warriors passed only one message to the present generation.

If you want to do a favour for our Nature Earth, Be a Water Saver because every drop counts.
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