The Smart Home Market Doesn't Look Too Good for Apple

But don't count out the company just quite yet.

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Tough competition out there. We've got Google going strong, and Amazon's always going to be firing on all cylinders, but Apple? Guess what: iPhone sales are tanking! Believe it. And now you've got the company scrambling over what to target in terms of revenue streams just to keep the company going. They've got their crosshairs nailed on a few possibilities, but here's one for an uphill climb: the smart home.

Who Dominates Smart Home Technology? That's Right: Amazon and Google.


In fact, the statistics show that Amazon's way ahead with their Echo sweeping the nation at a 70% market share, but what else do you expect from the e-commerce giant? Google's not too shabby with a decent 24%. What does Apple have? A measly 6%. And we're willing to bet you've never heard of this little thing called the HomePod (that's Apple's smart speaker contribution, not quite as 'catchy' as the 'iPod', but hey).

One would say that Apple has dropped the ball with the enterprising technology trend, but we're looking to see the company gearing up for a round 2 foray as Sam Jadallah formerly of smart lock company Otto now runs the smart home division. In other words, Apple's restructuring and employing a team to ramp up their works with smart home technology to the masses, and we're going to be witnessing a Hobbit-Lord-of-the-Rings 3-way battle pretty soon -- as if the battle between Google and Amazon wasn't intense enough.

Apple Might Have a Shot at This -- But Who Knows

The tech largely revolves around the iOS. If you already have a Mac or Macbook, you're pretty much built in with a Home app within that connects you with literally hundreds of third-party gadgets, such as lights, cameras and door locks. The bonus? Maybe you love your iPhones and iPods, and if that's the case, your costs to integrate smart home tech will be virtually nil.

But if not..... If you're all into Android and whatnot, well.... Apple's going to have to try and win you over! Let the battle begin.

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