The Only Guide That Will Help You Transform Your Marriage

Follow the best practices to transform your marriage filled with love and happiness. Read here for detailed information!

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Getting there together in marriage is just the beginning, staying together is progress and working together is a success. A happy marriage is the foundation of a healthy society. Just like every other relationship, marriage will have its own share of ups and downs. But following these tried and tested rules can help you to make your marriage “made in heaven” in the real sense.

The Only Guide That Will Help You Transform Your Marriage

Never go to bed with unresolved arguments:

The first and the most important lesson in the list of ten lessons to transform your marriage is not to sleep with unresolved arguments.This is truly the unsaid rule. Just like every other relationship, marriage too will have its own share of arguments and fights. Expecting that two of you will agree on each and everything may sound romantic but it is not by any means realistic. The golden rule of a healthy marriage is that you should never go to bed with unresolved arguments or anger in your heart. You’d be surprised to know that there is a complete science behind this rule.

Studies have proved that it is harder to get rid of angry thoughts if you sleep with them because the brain cannot “suppress negative, emotional memories” the next day.

Actually, our mind reorganizes the new information that is accumulated throughout the day and decides how it should be stored and processed while we sleep. This moves the memory from short-term to long-term.

Give Space To Each Other:

The ground rule of a healthy relationship is to respect each other’s individual space. You and your spouse are two different individuals and both of you will have your own friends, hobbies, and goals in life. Instead of suffocating each other and making your relationship toxic, you and your partner should respect each other’s space to ensure personal growth and individual happiness.

Appreciate And Compliment Each Other:

This is a very important lesson in the list of ten lessons to transform your marriage. Compliments boost our confidence and they matter more when they come from that special someone. So never miss an opportunity to appreciate and compliment your partner both in private and in public. Remember the golden rule of criticizing in private and appreciating in public.

Share Responsibilities:

Sharing responsibility means being on the same team. In today's modern times, it has become almost mandatory for both the partners to work and earn to maintain the expenses of the modern lifestyle. In such a scenario, it has become more necessary to share not only the financial but also the other household responsibilities. Sharing decreases the chances of complaints and arguments, makes daily functioning smoother and ensures both partners feel satisfied and happy.

Hang Out with Each Other’s Friends:

Next in the list of the ten lessons to transform your marriage is your bond with your friends. Friends hold a special place in everyone's life. Just like the spouse, good friends stick together during thick and thin. Your partner will definitely love and respect you more if you respect and appreciate their friends. Hanging out with each other’s friends will not only give you more opportunities to spend time together but you will also get to know some more good people. 

Cook Together:

Cooking together is a great bonding activity to strengthen your relationship with your special one. You get to spend some extra time with each other when you cook together. You can catch up with each other and share with each other what happened in the office or at home throughout the day. This also is a great way to showcase teamwork.

Drop Romantic Notes And Messages For your Partner:

Neither take each other for granted nor let things become monotonous and routine. Keep surprising your partner by leaving romantic notes and thoughtful messages at least once a day. A simple message like, “Was thinking about you and your beautiful smile.” or “ just reached the office and I am already missing you. Can’t wait to come home and hug you.” will bring a beautiful smile on your face and your sweetheart won’t be able to take off her mind away from you.

Keep Things Romantic And Spicy Under The Sheets:

Marriages are based on intimacy, both emotional and physical. You can’t imagine a healthy marriage without a healthy sex life. Orgasms release oxytocin, a hormone that alleviates the mood and makes you feel good about yourself. Sex brings you closer to your partner as it the most intimate physical act you can experience with that special person in your life. Let's see what comes next in the list of ten lessons to transform your marriage.

Always Try To Understand First And Then React:

Arguments and misunderstandings are part of every relationship. Your partner may say or do something which you will not like or that may not go down well with you. But, one of the most important lessons for a successful marriage is not to act on impulse. in anger, you don't get time to understand the reality of the situation and your overreaction can make things bitter between you and your partner. For example, your partner may come home with a bad mood due to some arguments with his colleague in the office. It is natural for him to not greet you the way you welcome him. Don't get upset by this. Give your partner some time and just be there silently with him/her. He/she will soon become normal and will also share about the incident in the office. A little bit of patience and will to understand each other will help in strengthening the bond between you and your partner. 

There is a difference between being married and being happily married. Practice these ten lessons to transform your marriage and enjoy a happy married life.


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