The New Technologies that are Becoming Must Haves!

With so much innovation and technology at disposal these days, it has become easier to have lights and systems installed that are going to help you in reducing the electricity bills. There are multiple ways you can do that here we are going to take a look at some of the options for you.

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Switch to Solar Energy:

There is a rising demand for solar panels in Pakistan. With the energy shortfall and increasing electret or prices, people are not willing to use and pay for the hydroelectric power. They are looking for better options. Options that are cheaper and good for the environment. Such as Solar energy. There is no cost in producing the electricity. There is only the maintenance cost of the solar panels. When a family thinks about the independence that a few solar panels can give them, they plan to switch. There is one problem that is there. And that is the one time installation cost. 

Since there are very few people that are dealing in solar energy, they charge a premium price for their services. Also there is the fact that people only from a certain class and background can afford to switch from hydroelectric power to solar energy. So people who can afford the one time installation price, are very easily switching. With so much economic uncertainty on the horizon, with Pakistan going to IMF for a bailout package, the electricity prices are expected to rise further in the coming years. It is more efficient and smart to switch to solar. 

Apart from the expected price hike, there is also the issue of interruption in the power supply. If the power supply was uninterrupted, people could have given it a chance. And a supply that is uninterrupted will not happen anytime soon. Because it is a lengthy process to produce and supply electricity.

Hydroelectric power is not produced easily. It takes a lot of time to establish the resources and develop new electricity to accommodate the growing usage. Then there is the issue of line losses and electricity theft. In total, there are multiple reasons why hydroelectric power is becoming an unreliable source. The infrastructural changes that are needed will not be implemented overnight. A long and tedious road leads to that point. This does not mean that hydroelectric power is going away and already a thing of the past. On a large scale, it is going to be the main type of electricity for most of the country. For people with a certain type of lifestyle and bank balance, solar panels are the better option.

Energy Source on the Go:

Power banks in Pakistan have seen an increase in popularity. The simple reason why they are becoming more important is due the fact that usage of mobile phones has increased. We take more pictures, we use more Instagram. We call more and text more. When we are outside for a field day or for a picnic trip, data usage increases which drains the battery faster than when internet data is off. This has made power banks a must needed item in today’s day and age.



Your Home in Your Palm:

All the things in your house that run on electricity and need a power source are integrated together through a one spot panel. This one panel can control all of the lighting, appliances and climate control. Even the showers and taps can be controlled through this panel. This panel has smart sensor technology and it can detect activity and adjust the settings accordingly.

This intelligence enables it to make decisions. It can cut down or decrease the power based on the data it receives and then saves power where it is needed on its own. Plus it looks fancy and modern. So if you want to go for the modern state of the art technology that is going to give uber-cool vibes, a home automation system in your house, apartment, gym or workplace will look just about fine. Smart home automation systems in Pakistan are not as common as the other two items here, but they are increasing in numbers. The corporate sector and hospitality industry are going for going in this direction as of now.

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