The Most Spiritual Of Them All: What Does A Purple Aura Mean?

The question,” What does a purple aura mean?” can be answered in one word- Spirituality!

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The concept of the aura is very deep. It comprises of several layers and colors. In this article, we will discuss the most spiritual of them all- The Purple Aura! You must be curious to know that what does a purple mean? 

Purple aura signifies that the individual is in a good spiritual space. The person who owns a violet aura is connected to his spiritual side and thoughts. He is most expected to attain spiritual enlightenment.

What Does A Purple Aura Mean?

The Purple aura seeks a higher purpose in life. This aura color is all about psychic inner vision, natural clairvoyant powers, and the collective knowledge of every aspect of life.

If you own a purple aura then you will practice balanced reasoning. Your decisions will be guided by powerful intuition and your extrasensory abilities. You will be lucky to experience open awareness and equilibrium, healing and cleansing. Those with purple aura hardly ever feel insecure or unstable. 

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The Most Spiritual Of Them All: What Does A Purple Aura Mean?


 The owner of a purple aura is very good at telepathy as they can send and receive spiritual messages. This helps them in a deeper understanding of human behaviors and motives. Purple aura not only introduces you to your true self and your bond with the universe but it is also a color of the evolving soul. Purple aura also provides clarity about how the whole universe runs on interdependence and the healing and cleansing of the soul helps in achieving overall progress that includes the spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of human existence. Purple aura also means a deeper inclination for knowing beyond the conscious world. It also includes all the possible good human qualities like trust, innocence, empathy, and desire to work for the betterment of humanity. To know more about what does a purple aura mean, we will need to discuss further about the other traits of purple aura personalities.

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What are the Personality Traits of Purple Aura

Now when we know what does a purple mean let’s get to know about the personality traits of Purple Aura.

Highly Psychic:

Purple aura individuals are highly psychic. Their understanding of the unsaid and the near future is higher than any other average individual. They can see and feel things that other people cannot. They can read the moods, thoughts, and personalities of their fellow beings. Purple aura makes you extra sensitive to the emotions and vulnerabilities of other people. A purple aura individual knows how to lift up the mood and make people feel good about themselves

People love them as friends and depend on them for emotional support and advice. The caring and nurturing nature of purple aura individuals make them trustworthy, dependable and a wonderful person to fall in love with.

The Most Spiritual Of Them All: What Does A Purple Aura Mean?


Sensitive And Mysterious:

Purple aura individuals are also very secretive and mysterious. They like to keep their thoughts, feelings, and motives hidden. This makes them more fascinating and intriguing. However, we should not misinterpret this as their darker side. It’s just that purple aura individuals are better evolved on an intellectual and spiritual level than others. They hardly feel stressed and the need to share and seek answers for the problems from others as they understand life’s complexities, mysteries, and wonderful surprises of life.

Curious By Nature:

The purple aura individuals are very curious, enquiring, and intuitive. They have a keen interest in knowing how everything works. They like to question and get their answers as their thirst for knowledge is very deep. This curiosity helps the purple aura know more almost about anything than other individuals. Purple aura is a bit impatient though as they have a strong sense of urgency too. They want everything to happen right now. They want to achieve their goals faster so that they can move forward and set new goals for themselves.

Their deep desire to make the world a better place for a living makes them selfless and introspective. They desire to learn. You want to explore and discover new subjects or new areas of interest. This trait makes them very fascinating and knowledgeable people.

The Most Spiritual Of Them All: What Does A Purple Aura Mean?


Limited Friend circle:

When you have a purple aura, you like to keep your friend list very short and exclusive. You don’t let any random person come close because you prefer having the real and wonderful ones. Your friends love you and they share their deepest secrets with you. They trust you and know that you will never betray them. A purple aura individual is very protective of those whom they love. They will go to any extent to keep them happy, safe, secure, and well-fed. Their fascinating and magnetic charisma attracts people towards them.

Natural Leaders:

Purple aura individuals are shy and introvert and like to choose their words wisely and they would rather remain quiet if there is nothing appropriate to say. They are born leaders and visionaries. They are very organized and like to work in a systemic manner. You will achieve anything you decide to get with your talents and abilities. With their sound mind, ready wit, and the ability to see things beyond the surface makes them true leaders.

The Most Spiritual Of Them All: What Does A Purple Aura Mean?


Relationships, Love and Romance for Purple Aura

Now that we have discussed what does a purple aura means and what are the personality traits of Purple aura let’s get to know what is it like to be in love with a purple aura individual.

Since Purple Aura is very intelligent, sensitive and psychic this makes them very supportive and understanding partners. They will always put the feelings and emotions of the other person before them. Purple aura individual loves the comfort of home and they set very high standards for their partner.

When it comes to your personal affairs, you prefer them low-key. You want to keep quiet and very private because you don’t want others to be privy to what goes on between you and your partner. They are loving, loyal and private individuals and don’t like to discuss their love-life with others.

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