The Most Amazing Reason Why You Should Write About Technology on Vigyaa

After all: it's all about progress!

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Technology's clearly the cornerstone of everything we want to read about these days: we have updates and news on finance tech and transportation, hybrid automotive and the blockchain. Ever heard of flexible smartphone screens? Yep, those are making their way into the forefront of tech, and that's just the beginning of what's fun and flashy. More often than not, tech innovation is all about functionality and support for the human race, so it makes sense that not only are you reading about it.... But talking about it!



 The Question Is Do You Have Know-How? Are You a Reviewer? Do You Love Gadgets SO Much That You'll Just Write About Them Constantly?

Chances are you do especially if you're still reading this. You're always on the up and up on the latest trends -- whether it's mobile technology, or entertainment. Are you interested in the next version of the Playstation? Or perhaps you're all about cryptocurrency and what the technological model will do for the casino industry.

Whatever the case, you want to talk about it. You have an opinion that just needs to be heard. And nothing beats getting to do that for FREE.

Everyone has heard of and all of social media, the news spouting out on Twitter or Facebook, and articles compiled from countless sources for Flipboard. But what you don't know is even YOU can sign up for your own account and specialize specifically in what you absolutely love, the passion you have, the drive you want to keep pushing for as the vertical continues to evolve at an energetic rate:

Technology. You're all about the future. And the future is technology.

The Good News Is You Don't Have to Try Writing for Huffington Post or Forbes or Business Weekly or Any of Those Big Names

You don't even have to stress too much on whether or not anyone's going to see your work on Medium as that's always a toss-up.

Vigyaa targets all the readers you could want. Immediately. All you need to do is write what you know. Write what you love. Write well. And here's the biggest key: SHARE, SHARE, SHARE, SHARE. Share on your social media platforms. Spread the word. Create your brand. Make a name for yourself as a key thought leader and influencer of technology.




It's totally free. You start your account, you begin your brand, and that's it. The rest is up to you and how fast your fingers move. And always remember to set up one of your categories as TECHNOLOGY, so you can see your work reach heights you never thought possible!

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