The Millennial: How Technology Drives the Younger Generation Toward Success

The proof is right in Hong Kong as students there prepare for the future.

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This shouldn't come as any surprise given that the millennial practically sits at the forefront of technology. They're the ones constantly on SnapChat, always mobile, tapping and typing miles a minute, and connecting with more people across the world than in anyone else's lifetime. Of course they're more in touch with technology.

That Makes the Millennial the Key Component of a Job Market Ripe for Evolution


In Hong Kong alone, a survey stated that 84% of students there are actually being taught those exact digital skills targeting the type of jobs we're going to be seeing in the near future. It's important to note that this comes across while we look at the workforce Mobility Index there at a steady 47.2% job satisfaction. That means in general, in proportion to a professional's skills, the jobs seem to be pretty well aligned. Furthermore from quarter four to this new year, job hunting increased from 9.9% to 13.4% -- that's a pretty wicked leap.

Put two and two together, and it's pretty clear -- technology seems to be the springboard everyone's jumping on to make that leap. In fact, more than 34% of those respondents on the survey stated they had changed jobs in the past six months. Might not sound like that big of a percentage except when you compare it to the last quarter -- which was only 30%.

It Means More and More Professionals Are Looking to Expand Their Horizons -- Through Learning About the Newest Technologies

The better jobs we're going to be seeing here pretty soon will be telling -- it'll be telling of a future that shines with the light of technological innovation. It's going to be a bright future. WANT TO WRITE ABOUT WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT TECHNOLOGY? YOU ONLY NEED TO SIGN UP FOR A FREE VIGYAA ACCOUNT AND GET TO RANTING!

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